Tradition of Punjabi Jutti is more than 600 years ago, At that time only Kings and Queens used to wear them, time changed but this tradition and royal charm of Jutti is still in fashion. We understand traditional values and sentiments of people who knows this art of Jutti Designing and Making. To give a push to these artist we have created website and retail shop for Punjabi Jutti. You may visit to order Jutti for you, there are several designed available to choose from.

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wedding accessories for bride
Trending and new fashion juti
trendy accessories
wedding accessories
juti for girl
new fashion juti
New fashion juti by Peshkadmi Punjabi Juttis
 Juttis in pink colour
 Umbrella  print fabric juttis by Peshkadmi
 Floral range juttis by Peshkadmi
Pag Phera collection by Peshkadmi
Wedding collection

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