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“Just remember that the cake gets eaten, the flowers shall die but the wedding photographs shall last forever…” rightly said. Plethora of arrangements have to be done with a whole lot of planning to get the perfect wedding day conducted in full bloom but, everything can’t be remembered in detail. Those special emotional, naughty, candid and catchy moments cannot be relived again. All these have to be clicked artistically and preserved beautifully. The artist and the craftsmen behind this, is the proficient photographer and his team, who are hired to render their services so that you can once again go in the past just like a fairy tale and live those moments once again.

“Photography is a way of feeling, of touching, of loving, What we have caught on film is captured forever…it remembers little things, long after you have forgotten everything” This holds so true, that is why one should emphasis on hiring a good and professional photographer to cover the events takings place. Different types of photography skills have developed these days and each one is special in its own kind. A few are discussed here.

  • Candid wedding photographers in Hyderabad- Just as the name suggests this type of photography is the most honest capture of the special moments without special posing by the couple or the other targeted people. During the ongoing ceremonies and other functions photographer makes sure to click the pictures without informing the target people and gets the most natural photos, which are the ultimate gems of the wedding albums. Candid photography in Hyderabad is much in trend these days and Wedding photographer in Hyderabad are providing expert and trained professionals to provide best services. Candid photography Hyderabad prices and the Best candid photographer in Hyderabad both are listed on our website. This list is comprehensive and full photographers who have been tested on several parameters by the expert panel of the company for the client’s utility.
  • Traditional photography – This is what we have always been doing since childhood. Posing with our parents on the stage next to the bride and the groom with that wide smile till finally being clicked. Off the trend but still prevalent with a combination of the latest types of photography styles.
  • Pre-wedding photoshoot- Best photographers in Hyderabad for wedding conduct per-wedding photoshoots for the couple before marriage. This type of photography is highly in demand these and per-wedding photoshoot location in Hyderabad are being blocked on regular basis. Starting from the conceptual photoshoots to the theme-based Photoshoots in Hyderabad the photographers are loaded with attractive backdrops and set ups over-the-top. Best places for a couple for a photoshoot in Hyderabad are Ramoji Film city, Fort Grand Resorts, Ameenpur Lake, Chowmahalla Palace, Taramati Baradari and many many more. Pre-wedding photoshoot price in Hyderabad and per-wedding video cost in Hyderabad can be checked out on our online portal. Photographers have been providing competitive rates for such services. They offer free services in many cases where the client books the vendor for all the functions well in time and also chooses to pay advance amount, such freebies are certainly striking.
  • Drone photography- Snapping tiny details of the nuptial ceremonies from an aerial view sounds interesting. An HD camera attached to a drone clicks the pictures is much in fashion now-a-days. Truly being world class!
  • Bridal photoshoot- The photographer and the makeup artist together make the perfect bride. Bride’s beauty, fancy, delicacy and oomph is perfectly freeze by the camera with many unconventional props around the bride just before she steps down for the marriage ceremonies. Cameraman and his team go an extra mile using latest technological tools and lots of editing to make the bride the real-life princess.
  •  Vintage Photography- This type of photography is inspired right form the olden times. The theme of such pictures is the olden times where love used to bloom behind the castles, trees and worn of buildings. The back drop and the sets smell like the period of the past era. Clubbed with the black and white photography gives an alluring effect to your album.
  • Artistic Photography- Marriage being articulated beautiful celebration of love must be captured with the sculpture of magnificence. Hence this special type of photography can only be done with specific couples only. The ones with the artistic taste and style, not all understand the sparkle and romance behind artistic photography.

Handy advice to get the Best marriage photographer in Hyderabad-

  • Primarily familiarise yourself towards the wide array of photography styles prevalent in the current times. Right from the Videography to all-in-all.
  • Design your budget and allocate the appropriate amount to be spend over photography.
  • Now go through the Photographers list to get the best wedding packages in Hyderabad.
  • Wanted photographers in Hyderabad? Narrow-down to a couple of experts and meet them in person to discuss the specific details of the contract and other service requirements.
  • Gratified with all the above points, book the photographer and pay the advance amount to grab any other special offer or discount hidden therein.

At weddingdoers a lot number of our clients come and share their qualms with us, here below is the list of frequently asked questions which will help you while finalizing photographer.

FAQ Related to Photographers in Hyderabad

Who is the best wedding photographer in Hyderabad?

top 10 wedding photographers in Hyderabad. This list comprises of the best professionals of the city but before finalizing one for yourself it is advised to go through the portfolio of each and every photographer to know more about their specialisations and earlier works and also become aware whether their skills match your requirements.

How much do I have to pay for a photographer in Hyderabad?

One can select the Professional wedding photographer in Hyderabad from our website. There itself they have Photography packages prices also. Wedding photographer Hyderabad prices usually vary depending upon the type of the services required by you and the quality, rating and experience of the expert vendor. However, Wedding photography in Hyderabad prices start from as low as 8000 INR which makes it extremely affordable to 100000 INR making it suitable for those niche classes.

Missteps to be avoided while booking a wedding photographer?

Avoid random selection. Choose on the basis of ratings, experience, budget and the type of work you want. Talk over everything in person.
  • “A photograph is forever” so do not compromise on the quality of work over price. Cherry pick the vendor on checking out his previous works and then check out the rates also.
  • Skill comes first, even if the vendor is loaded with the latest equipment but still lag the skill then his works will not be up to justify the standards. So, review the past work done as well.
  • The vendor is a proficient professional so do not try to dictate him or interfere with his work. He is better off with his own working style and he along with his team make the best match.
  • Small home functions are also a part of the marriage celebrations, so do book the photographer for coverage of such home dates also.
  • Avoid making selection based on the selections made by your relatives and friends, their requirements were different from yours and your style and budget are unique as well.

What should I discuss with the wedding photographers in Hyderabad?

Prior to fixing up a vendor for yourself meet him/her at the first place to discuss your needs and budget at large. Also compare the Wedding photography prices in Hyderabad.
  • Brief them all the home dates and large-scale functions taking place along with the venue and time so that they are able to capture all of it and also form a policy and equip themselves with their equipment and team before they arrive.
  • What if the party gets delayed and engages extended time, how will he cope up with such uncertainties?
  • Share your budget and other requirements too, cancellation and refund policy must also be discussed beforehand to avoid any confusions.
  • For pre-wedding photoshoots you can discuss the Best places in Hyderabad for photography and Best photoshoot places in Hyderabad.
  • Professional photo studio in Hyderabad for marriage also talk over the decoration and ceremonies in detail to plan out the drone, vintage, candid photographic styles for your wedding album.

What pointers to keep in mind before booking a destination wedding photographer from Hyderabad?

Confer whether the vendor is comfortable to travel and carry his caravan to another destination.
  • Is the team well loaded to carry on a coverage at a destination other than its home town?
  • Go though the pervious works of the vendor to see if he has prior experience in shooting at both outdoor and indoor locations.
  • Travelling expenses and stay are inclusive of the package or they are to be reimbursed separately and by how much. This amount should be ascertained beforehand.
  • What if in case of any emergency, equipment failure, how will he cope up with them at a location away from the base town.

Why to opt for Weddingdoers?

Weddingdoers is the most customer friendly, reliable and loved website for marriage planning in Hyderabad. The vendors associated with us are highly experienced, expert professionals and all of them are verified by our expert panel. Wedding packages in Hyderabad available with them are highly competitive and affordable. Furthermore, we provide back office support to our clients to get the best deals.

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