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No wedding is possible in India without a great venue. The Wedding Venue is the place where the wedding is going to happen, relatives are going to come and much more. Everyone wants to hire the best Wedding Hotel for the weddings, and Wedding Planners play the best role in booking the hotels for wedding. There are many banquet halls that are great for the wedding, but one can’t arrange because of money or time issues. Although, if you have a wedding planner that they’ll arrange you the best wedding venue. The venue of the wedding is the heart of it and it is very important to book the right Wedding Venue on time. This can be done by the wedding planner with proper dealings and planning. Weddingdoers help you with required banquet halls, Five star Hotels, Wedding Lawns, Terrace Banquet Halls, Farm houses etc. A list to choose the perfect wedding location to cater the rental requirements for every kind of ceremonies like as sangeet, mehendi and much more has been provided.