About The Juice Art By Gulshan Chawla

What is the starting per plate price for a vegetarian menu?
  • NA
What is the starting per plate price for a non vegetarian menu?
  • NA
Do you fall into any of these category?
  • Jain catering only
  • vegetarian only
  • small size gathering only
  • drinks only
What is the maximum number of people you can cater to?
  • As per requirement
What does your standard non veg menu include (mention number of starters, sumberr of main course, veg and non veg)?
  • As per requirement

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The Juice Art By Gulshan Chawla


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Gurung Karate Academy-regd Alka

Really nice and refreshing Juices.. I tried your juices with my brother & we loved it and now soon we are going to try your Dry fruit Shake which looks amazing.
Parni Sharma

Amazing Juice Services.... I went on my friend's wedding where you were also catering your juice services. I loved it. All Juice variety were so fresh and tasty. Can you share your price details or package.?