About Media Cult India

What do your starting price for 1 day of cinema range from
  • 12000
How many year have you been in the industry?
  • NA
Which of the following do you offer?
  • Lip dub videos
  • Save the date videos
  • Wedding films
  • Teaser videos
  • Still photography
What are your payment term?
  • 75% advance
How much time do you take to deliver final video Data combo?
  • <1 month

Wedding Gallery 

Bride of the Day
Sheema Farooqi Wedding Video Maker
Indian Bridal Mehndi Photography
Bridal Wedding Photoshoot
Indian Wedding Bridal Photoshoot
Bridal Entry Photoshoot | Sheema Farooqi
Indian Wedding Rituals Videography | Sheema Farooqi
Classy Click by Sheema Farooqi
Indian Wedding Photoshoot in Faridabad
Top Candid Wedding Photography in Faridabad
Asian Wedding Videography
Bridal Wedding Videography in Faridabad
Couple Wedding Photography | Sheema Farooqi
Best Wedding Photoshoot by
Deepak Singh | Pre Wedding Photoshoot
Pre Wedding Photoshoot by Sheema Farooqi
Pre Wedding Photography
Destination Wedding Photographers in Haryana
Wedding Photographers in Faridabad
Pre Wedding Cinematography  | Sheema Farooqi
Top Pre Wedding Photoshoot by Sheema Farooqi
Pre Marriage Photography by Sheema Farooqi
Indian Wedding Photographers
Sheema Farooqi Marriage Photographer in Faridabad
Best pre Wedding Shoot Locations
Top Destination Wedding Photography by Sheema Farooqi
Candid Wedding Photographer
A bridal Photo shoot
Photography by Media Cult India
Candid wedding Photography
Indian Wedding Photography
Pre wedding moments
Photography by Media cult India


Media Cult India


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