It is our passion for the health of others that gives us the energy, dedication and commitment to help our customers improve their health and to change their lives for the better. Whatever we do, our customers' health is our ultimate concern. Care is at the heart of our business and always has been. Our work is more than just a job to us. Being warm and empathetic towards our customers, focusing on their individual needs and feelings, makes a real difference to the service we offer. -- a5 Health Solutions, through its Fitness Centres offer a new individual approach to your health, focused on helping you achieve your personal goals. In addition to all the excellent facilities you would expect from a first-rate health club, our highly qualified team will give you a clinically developed Fitness MOT and design you a personalised action plan.

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heavy weight bicep workout
Treadmill Running Machine
cycling machine in gym
Heavy work out with equipment
Fat burning exercise in group

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