Da Momento studio is all about capturing the ordinary moments in an extraordinarily attractive way to leave a mark on the minds of the people who will review them. Prashant Aggarwal Exclusive wedding photographer is a well-known professional with a number of professionally achieved feathers in his hat. With his award-winning cinematography services, he successfully managed to create a brand name in this field. Da Momento studio is a renowned name in Illustrative Wedding Photography. Apart from capturing the wedding moments, we also specialize in capturing fashion portfolios and corporate shoots. So, if you are searching for the Luxury Wedding Photographer in Rohini Delhi, Da Momento studio is a one stop solution for you.

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priyanka bhatiya

My husband and I were initially very worried about our wedding photos and how they'd turn out as we are both not comfortable in front of a camera. Until we met Prashant. He made us so comfortable and was the most perfect photographer. He managed to capture the perfect amount of staged and candid photos and even included some very funny ones that sum up our relationship perfectly.
disha varshney

We never felt pressured or rushed once when he was photographing our wedding, neither myself or my husband really like having our photo taken however there was not one photo that we said "oh I don't like that one" we love each and every photo. Such a relaxed artistic clever photographer with a great sense of humor and who goes above and beyond to get that perfectly unique shot! thank you da momento studios .

Very creative, knowledgeable and efficient team. Extremely satisfied with their work. Thank you so much Prashant.. Highly Recommended to all must connect once :)
Ruhina Kakkar

Prashant is one of the creative photographers I have met as he fulfill all my desires by clicking that perfect shots either for my pre wedding photoshoot or my wedding events. I want to thank you guys by sharing my experience with you & your team who made my wedding more memorable. THANK YOU.. :) :)