WHAT WE DO : Yedevi Studios is a photo & video company Weddings in India is not just about the bride & the groom, but also about the parents, relatives & friends. Many emotional moments and fun happens. With the lively people and beautiful ambiance, the whole place vibrates with emotion & energy. We love to be there & capture all these moments as it is, with as much LIFE as possible. We try to document the whole event as a flow of moments and tell a story in each photo as creatively as possible. We take both candid & posed shots based on situation & clients’ preference . We have different teams for providing different services . In photography, we do Candid Photography ( Wedding Photo Journalism ) and also group photos so that you don’t have to hire different photographers. Along with the package we provide high end photo albums. In video, we can arrange traditional video and we do wedding short film ( cinematography ) in a very creative way. WHO WE ARE : We are trained professionals, full time photographers, specialized in candid wedding photography & Portrait . Based in Bangalore but willing to travel anywhere for the art. Coming from a Fashion & Advertising background, we tell the stories in a creative way. For us Photography is an expression of art & we love to communicate through our images . Our charges are based on the events timings & the kind of services you require .

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Cinematic Wedding  Photography
Ritual Wedding Photography By Yedevi Studios

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