When the rain showers, the writer wakes up. But when the drop is to touch the mud, a photographer catches the mood. The journey of our team is no other than a eminent spiced up story. Sitting on our soft cushiony chairs in 4ft by 4ft cubicle, minds were though busy answering the emails but heart popped out seeing every beautified glow. And when our hearts could no longer control the wit, it popped out to be in professional photography. Probably that’s the reason that your wedding isn’t our assignment, it is a choice that we have chosen.

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Indian Wedding Photographers
Bridal Photography by Dhruv Malhotra
Couple Wedding Photoshoot in Faridabad
Indian Wedding Rituals
Indian Wedding Rituals Click
Wedding Photography by Vkapture
Indian Wedding Rituals
Pre Wedding Photography
Candid Wedding Photoshoot
Pre Bridal Wedding Photoshoot by Vkapture
Destination Wedding Photography
Destination Wedding Photography
Couple Wedding Photographers
Couple Photoshoot by Dhruv Malhotra
Pre Wedding Photoshot
Classy Click for Engagement Couple
Dancing Girl on Floor
Engagement Photoshoot for Bridal
Mehndi Celebration Photoshoot
Engagement Photography by Vkapture
Destination Wedding Photographers in Faridabad
Shoot by Vkapture | Dhruv Malhotra
Classy Click for wedding Makeup
Bridal Makeup Click
Indian Bridal Makeup

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Ansh Divakar

Thanks to Vkapture Team. You captured the Prefect moments of our occasion.