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Every wedding is unique; every couple has their own chemistry. We watch the stories magnificent in their glory, unravelling in front of us and serenely capture the breathtaking moments.   We capture genuine emotions and spectacular points of view, pictures that go beyond being just pretty, they are meaningful & priceless. We crave the stolen moments of life like the loving glances, soft kisses, shared laughter and joyful tears, in short the relationships between people. The story of union of the families, the spicy drama of the spiffy new outfit, that nanosecond before an expression lights up the groom’s face – we live for all of this! Even though our style is simple our images speak volumes about our subjects, who they are as a person, the relationships they share and the subtle nuances of daily life.   You will find that our images illuminate the relationships between each individual family and the new family being created. Photographing a wedding allows us to witness a life-changing event in two peoples' lives. The day is filled with subtle and overwhelming moments that, when captured well, are the authentic and visual documentation of real life. We work quietly and unobtrusively so that your experiences and the atmosphere of the day are preserved forever.   With Indian weddings going crazy and shaking up a lil bit from the typical kind of traditional weddings nowadays,people are also making sure to appoint candid photographers instead of old school traditional photographers, where everyones like smiling awkwardly  With candid wedding photographers totally making couples  fall in love with each other all over again by their artistic view and kind of photography.   one more thing is done by your candid photographers which not much people are aware of much in India but is something really fun to do and makes it all the more memorable -is your  pre wedding photoshoot.

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WeddingDoers.com is a one stop destination for all the requirements of the brides and the grooms. Explore great services of top wedding Photographer "Pre Wedding and Candid Shoot" in Jaipur. We have more than 20 categories related to wedding services which fulfill all the essential needs related to wedding. With a detailed vendor list, inspirational gallery, trending wedding ideas and informative blog – no one need to spend hours to plan their wedding anymore.

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