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The B-Enzo salon for hair and skincare at Bangalore, takes pride in giving you the latest and the best in hairstyles and beauty treatments, creating the highest levels in style, sensibility and confidence B-Enzo family Salon invites even the most casual traveler on the beauty path to experience what a transformation is all about. No matter what‘s your age, hair or skin type, we create the ideal environment for you to reinvent your image and personality The first of B-Enzo’s well established center was started in posh area of J.P.Nagar’s 2nd phase Bangalore by Mr. Chandrashekar.M.S in the year of 2001, the branch set standards that have since become bench mark for many to follow. And the first success was repeated by him with 4 different centers in the south Bangalore and vision of expansion in coming years. The ambiences with Soft, muted lighting, colors playing gently on your senses; music caressing your soul; that eases your stress while it elevates your mood......The soft hum of the latest beauty devices, and the heady fragrance of the world's most celebrated beauty products...relaxes your body and soul. Our team is cheerful and helpful, and always at hand to advise you on the style or treatment that will best suit your need. We give you our time and attention as well as our expertise. Hair stylists working their magic and skin experts' skillful fingers bringing your beauty to the surface...We love what we do and we convey that in every aspect of our state of the art Studio. We have some of the top hairstylists, hairdressers and color specialists, and all of our stylists are color experts. Our staff participates in industry training to keep up on the latest color & cut trends. At B-Enzo Salon we deliver not only a therapy or a solution, we also give you a beautiful experience


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  • 47/10, Bay 4, 1st Floor,SJR Equinox Retail Complex, Near Crown Plaza,Phase-1


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