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Contemporary antiques. It’s not a contradiction in the mind of Shweta Gupta. For that is the signature style of this unique jewellery designer who creates pieces that capture the artistic legacy of eras gone by. Her jewellery is drawn from Indian royal traditions and from the Victorian era. She uses old diamonds, still whispering stories of the past, in combination with the other navratnas in her work. Her pieces are large, bold, dramatic, in the style that the queens, empresses and courtesans of the past would have adorned themselves. No wonder then that her jewellery appeals to power women across the country. Shweta’s exclusive clientele extends from Bollywood stars, to politicians and corporate heads. And when your customers are that discerning your creations have to be fine-tuned to perfection. So, while Shweta adopts ancient tradition and design as her inspiration, her techniques and workmanship are completely modern and cutting edge. Every piece is perfection itself. It did not all happen overnight though. It’s been an artistic and creative journey and a process of learning for this Bangalore-based designer. While she trained as a fashion designer it is jewellery that captured her imagination. And she started off, first experimenting with fun, light jewellery. But as she made progress in her artistic journey she arrived at a point where she knew with certainty that vintage jewellery is what she wanted to create. And now Shweta has realized another dream – that of opening her design studio with her husband, Nitesh Gupta who has been a source of strength and support throughout her career. Bespoke, the exclusive showcase for her work is on St Mark’s Road, in downtown Bangalore. It’s a space that reflects all her sensibilities. And it beckons to women who wish to indulge in the luxury of a perfectly crafted piece of jewellery.


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