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Billionsmiles Catering is the specialized catering arm of Billionsmiles Hospitality which aims to delight customers with exquisite food and service at the customer’s location. Billionsmiles is committed to providing the consumer the highest level of hospitality services. From upscale south Indian restaurants that have created a niche for themselves, to a highly scalable QSR brand and a professional catering service which has set new benchmarks in quality, efficiency and service. Energized by a successful beginning, the company is on a rapid expansion drive, with plans to open more restaurant and catering units in cities across India and overseas. The vision of the company is "to build the most respected and highly scalable South Indian food brands offering the highest quality, experience and value". Besides redefining industry standards, Billionsmiles aims to create wealth opportunities for every single shareholder, employee and professional who contributes to making it a company that brings a smile to every single customer that experiences the brand.

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WeddingDoers.com is a one stop destination for all the requirements of the brides and the grooms. Explore great services of top wedding Catering "Billionsmiles Catering" in Bangalore. We have more than 20 categories related to wedding services which fulfill all the essential needs related to wedding. With a detailed vendor list, inspirational gallery, trending wedding ideas and informative blog – no one need to spend hours to plan their wedding anymore.

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