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Dream Diaries is a team of artistic photographers & cinematographers who are primarily based in Mumbai, India and have changed the way photography is pursued as. We believe that you don’t necessarily have to pose and smile for the camera all the while. We capture your best moments in the wedding when you barely notice and are totally unaware of the candid shots being clicked – it’s really that simple. From smiles to tears; from hugs to stolen glances and the joyful ambiances, all the cherished moments that make your wedding unforgettable and enjoyable by everyone, we make sure that we don’t miss even a glimpse of any. Dreams as they say are the most amazing experiences that people have and we believe in capturing your dream of the most beautiful day of your life. As you must have always desired for your wedding day to be a grand one, we surely preserve it extraordinarily. The Dream Team came together in their Engineering days after they realized their passion and love for photography and they decided to take it to whole new level of contemporary photography. They dreamt of and woke up to establish a team that would work to deliver perfection at weddings that people have always fantasized of. Mixed with cultures, colours, creativity and modern-day styles our work depicts that particular couple’s dreams and this is how Dream Diaries was founded. And since then, Dream Diaries has been transforming dreams into tangible memories – be it wedding or anniversaries, your own individual elan or the event you have waited for a long time, or just some precious family moments you wish to freeze and relive again and again..Dream Diaries is there. Let’s capture your dreams


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