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The Wedding Band has worked hard, and has faced many challenges to form that perfect group into making of the band melodious music.Jagdish & Sons has kept to a unique kind of standard to its famous jazzy & melodious tunes, and ever since left people tapping their feet to the wonderful beats of the band . The band is also famous for its stylish uniform and colorful Turban’s, worn by the band players, giving the band men a royal look to their personality and style. The Band has been playing, for many occasions & happenings whether it is for Marriage ceremony, Birthday party, Religious occasions, corporate parties or National events in the city. The Band has also performed in a Bollywood movie that has given Chawla Band a platform into the glittering world as well. The Band has also been the Official Partners for, “Delhi Dare Devil Cricket Team” and now, is as much as popular, like any other Indian Rock Band in the capital city New Delhi. Jagdish & Sons is one such Wedding or Marriage Band Delhi, India preforming in most of the occasions and celebrations in Delhi. It has come a long way in maintaining a particular Indian standard of rhythm of music they have been playing since years now!, and it is so that, whenever there is an occasion or ceremony, one name that comes to the mind is the Famous ‘’Chawla Band’’ the choice of millions! Our Band we are highly enthusiastic in offering unique, unmatched and personalized wedding band services. we bring at your doorstep all the wedding services you need to chart out the perfect wedding by making your wedding the most memorable day of your life. Our wide gamut of service includes Wedding Band, Ghori, Baggi, Wedding Light, etc. No matter what size your special event may be, our staff of dedicated professional team is best at organizing your event meticulously by keeping your wishes and desires on the top priority list. We pride ourselves on our high quality bespoke service. Due to our timeliness, customer-focused approach and ethical trade practices, we have gained the confidence of numerous clients. We have potential to add unique spark to your event by making it lifelong treasured moment. We support you in bringing out the best of the decisions that suits your budgetary constraints and occasions


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