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Khushagree”, the etymology of the word comes from ‘Kushal’- ‘Karigari’ which means proficient craftsmanship is a free spirited fashion brand. As the old dictum goes that, ‘It takes two to tango’, Khushagree has the quintessential duo of Meena Mehra and Meera Kapoor. Being the Managing Director and founder of Khushagree, Meena Mehra endeavours to deliver design aesthetics with charm, wit and craftsmanship which finds a timeless audience. She is a graduate in fine arts and interior design who believes in the philosophy that, “that idea is not to follow fashion but to re define it”. Meera Kapoor is the creative head of Khushagree. An Alma Mater from NIFT (Delhi) is a perfectionist when it comes to haute couture and modern silhouettes. Under the guidance of Meena Mehra,Meera has been offering her designs since 2006 based out creating finely hand-made and embellished clothing. Khushagree is an effervescent Brand which specialises in Fabric texturing, In house Digital printing and sourcing fabrics from traditional weavers. It places emphasis on the tailoring and suave cuts, incorporating traditional Indian embroideries, finally redefined in modern approach. We provide unprecedented access to the hottest and handpicked looks of the current season; looks that are inspired from celebrities, European catwalks and high-end luxury labels. Created by the expert hands we synchronize the bong of three generations tailoring experience. From tailored wardrobe recommendations to expert styling and fashion consultancy, we provide bespoke services, provided to meet every need of our client. We ship worldwide.


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