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Nivesaa is a dance, fitness and wellness studio. A cultural platform for many art patrons. A space for community interactions, discussions and debates. Nivesaa is your THIRD SPACE. Nivesaa means “Investment” and that’s all that we want you to do…invest in your body, mind and spirit to achieve the overall holistic development of who you really are. Because we know you are more than just your routine, the social obligations and the expectations. You are your own Spirit – your own guide and your own healer. We at Nivesaa are here to help you tap into your immense potential of being happy, fit and healthy and most importantly at peace with yourself and everything around you. That is how we work with Dance.Fitness.Wellness. We believe that because the body has its own mind and the mind moves in its own ways, it is best to bring them together to experience complete wholeness and bliss. So welcome to this journey with Nivesaa! Move. Connect. Transform.


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