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"SIMPLY GLASSIC,' a brand of self created designer painted glassware was started with an intention to creatively augment and enliven your environment with artistic creation and vibrant colors all around in your surroundings. Our products range from Designer vases, Glass painting, Hand painted mirrors, Hanging lights, Floating candle holders and glass vases..just to name a few from the innumerable creations that we have! These products are awe inspiring and are definitely prized possessions for the people who own it. We manufacture and retail these arty creations and the entire process is done in-house. Right from choosing the appropriate kind of glass to designing and painting the products and supplying them to retailers; all done single handedly. Glass Painting: Glass painting essentially pertains to painting on glass that phenomenally transforms a plain piece of lifeless glass, into a magnificent work of art. Choosing glass as a canvas is in itself a very daunting task. Glass being so fragile requires superb expertise to transform it from a lifeless piece to an enriched piece of art. Its effects can be augmented if placed under proper lighting. The motifs, variegated in subject matter, all unique and individual in character are first outlined. They are then painted using special paints. These gorgeous paintings can be done to enhance the look of showpieces, platters, wall hangings, etc. Decorated with a blend of sparkling light, the beauty of glass paintings is par excellence. The colors used in these designs are so fresh and vibrant that they can just bring smile to sullen faces. They have a positive appeal to the mind and enforce positive thinking and liveliness around in the atmosphere. The designs are both ornamental and functional. Our vases can hold pillar, floating candles or floral arrangements. Our objective is to find new fresh ideas with the unsurpassed quality on the market.

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WeddingDoers.com is a one stop destination for all the requirements of the brides and the grooms. Explore great services of top wedding Favors "Simply Glassic" in New Delhi. We have more than 20 categories related to wedding services which fulfill all the essential needs related to wedding. With a detailed vendor list, inspirational gallery, trending wedding ideas and informative blog – no one need to spend hours to plan their wedding anymore.

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