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Swarn Amrit, is the first indian luxury brand to introduce the mose luxurious delicacy in India. We specialize in creating an exclusive art of gift giving that engender a sense of pride and personal touch to a new level of heavenly delicacies made with finest ingredients and pure 24 KARAT GOLD. Our Mission is to expose the extraordinary blend of India's two most prestigious pillars of cultural heritage, SWEETS and GOLD in the form of an exceptional assortment. Gold is considered to be the symbol of wealth, success and beauty. It also carries apparent healing power and famous for its exceptional health benifits. All out creations are crafted with an innovative approach and comes with a certificate of authenticity, which also further distinguish itself with unrivaled packaging and gift customization options and by providing uncommonly responsive and personal customer service. And Yes we expect something in return, a small wish to add a lasting impression to all your celebrations and gifting moments.


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Ankita Rafiz

Awesome services!!


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