10 Commandments in Christian Religion 

10 Commandments in Christian Religion

There are different types of religions in the world, but the most popular one is the Christian. According to latest study, followers of this religion are the maximum in the number. There could be various reasons behind the enormous popularity of this religion, but 10 commandments are certainly the most important one. However, you can easily find out similar 10 commandments in other religions like Jews, but the Christian commandments are considered the most fundamental and original. These rules are considered as the best light to see the true path of life. If you want to lead a life with blessings of God, you need to follow 10 sacred commandments. Do you want to know about them? IF yes, then you must go through stated below 10 commandments in Christian religion and its effects on human relationships.

1 – There Is One God 

The first commandment is that you shall not believe in different types of Gods. There is only one God. You should love, worship and respect one God. Don’t be confused with so many supernatural powers. You must keep in mind that everything is managed by one God. 

2 – Image of God can’t be made

You aren’t supposed to create fake images or statues of God out of your imagination. You must make an invisible relationship with your God. 

3 – Don’t Take the Name of God in Vain

It is certainly an important commandment that must be kept in mind throughout the life. Religious people aren’t supposed to take the name of their God in vain. 

4 – Sabbath Day

God created the universe in six days and on seventh day, he took rest. Therefore, importance of Sabbath day should always be in mind. You may forget your wedding ceremony, but you aren’t supposed to forget Sabbath day.

5 – Respect Your Parents

One of the most important commandments is that you shall always respect your parents. Respecting your father and mother is more important than your marriage. Respecting your parents simply means respecting the almighty.  

6 – You Can’t Murder

You aren’t supposed to kill an individual whether he or she is your enemy. If you want to make strong relationship with your God, you need to be honest and merciful. 

7 – Don’t Do Adultery

You must avoid doing adultery. However, sex is an essential part of our life, but it should be controlled. You must avoid anything associated with wrong doings or adultery. If you do so, you may be punished by God.  

8 – Don’t Steal

You must avoid stealing assets of other people. You need to follow the rule honesty is always the best policy.  Be satisfied what you have. Always try to thanks God for whatever he has given you. 

9 – Avoid False Witness 

You aren’t supposed to be a false witness whether it is for wedding or other purpose. False witnessing is strictly prohibited in Christianity especially in terms of your relation with your neighbour. 

10 – Don’t be Covet

One of the most significant rules of sacred 10 commandments in Christian religion is that you must avoid coveting. These are the 10 ways of God to lead a happy, healthy and spiritual life to gain prosperity on earth and heaven. 


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