10 Latest and Stunning Gift Packing Ideas by ShubhSaugat 

10 Latest and Stunning Gift Packing Ideas by ShubhSaugat

Just as people judge the book by its cover same like that trousseau and gifts are judged by their wrapping and packing.  Trousseau packing service providers can help you find the latest trousseau packing ideas which are really exotic and urbane. Trousseau packing service providers like ShubhSaugat in Lucknow with their out of box thinking, choose  trousseau packing material so creatively and pack it in such a style which just can’t go unnoticed by the guests. Given below are latest trousseaus packing as well as return gift packing ideas by ShubhSaugat best trousseau packing in Lucknow.



Wooden Trays - 

Trousseau packing trays in Lucknow | ShubhSaugat are sought after by many for the variety of wooden trays as well as their creative decoration. The trays range from plain to beautifully laser cut wooden trays. As friends and relatives like to see the trousseau so displaying it creatively in these wooden trays can make even inexpensive things look expensive.



Customized Designer Trays - 

Customized wedding trays is one of the latest trousseau packing ideas. They are customized as per the need of the customers. They even portray the decor and theme of the wedding. The exotic embellishments, flowers, beads, net, wooden cutouts and other materials used to decorate these trays give them a luxurious look.



Laser Cut Wooden MDF Boxes - 

Magnificent looking laser cut and painted wooden boxes and chest for trousseau packing are a must have for your trousseau packing. Packing the trousseau in these wooden boxes makes it look classy and like a precious treasure it is.



Decoupage Wooden Boxes - 

ShubhSaugat offers beautifully handmade decoupage wooden boxes with beautiful floral patterns. They will definitely add vibrancy and color to your trousseau and gifts.



Engraved Boxes - 

These boxes can be engraved for a personal touch. Like a box at ShubhSaugat engraved with the word friend can be used to pack the wedding gift you brought for your friend’s wedding. These can be used for packing party favors too.



Handmade Cardboard Boxes - 

Wedding Favors in India mostly include sweets. So ShubhSaugat provides uniquely designed handmade cardboard boxes for it. They are colorful boxes beautifully decorated with lace, doilies, beautiful flowers, leaves etc. They even have boxes with floral prints and pattern in different colors decorated with ribbons and lace to be used for packing small gifts and party favors.



Paper Boxes - 

Now instead of typical mithai people go for unique Indian wedding favors like chocolates, ittar bottles, tea lights and scented candles, handmade soaps, dried pan, flavored saunf, spices etc. Return gifts packing ideas by ShubhSaugat for these unique favors include triangular treat boxes, polka dot boxes, laser cut paper boxes, beautiful rectangular gift boxes, chocolate boxes etc. all these make your treats and gift look like elegant wedding favors and gifts.



Pearl Purses and Pouches - 

Wedding Gift by ShubhSaugat @Lucknow also includes beautifully handmade designer pearl purses and pouches made out of jute, matty etc. These can be used for keeping small trinkets and coins etc.  These are beautifully decorated with doilies, flowers, ribbons and lace. They will surely convey your gratitude to the guest and loved ones who will receive them.



Paper Bags - 

This is one of the most chic and creative packing idea. They are not normal paper bags. These are paper bags beautifully decorated with bows, lace frills, flowers, doilies etc.



Shirt Style Paper Packing - 

Shirt style is a very stylish customized packing idea for packing gifts for males. It looks super cool as well as cute with the tie design and the paper prints that actually matches a real shirt.

Now days for everything related to wedding people wants the best and latest things, so it is best to hire wedding vendors in India who are more experienced and give best of services like gift packing services provider in Lucknow - ShubhSaugat.


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