10 Sangeet Songs For 2017: The Couple Dance For Grooms And Brides  

10 Sangeet Songs For 2017: The Couple Dance For Grooms And Brides

There was a time when the bride used to wear long ghughats and hardly lift her eyes up during the entire wedding ceremony. The brides these days know that it is the most important day of their life, and therefore, no one else deserves to enjoy every aspect of the wedding ceremony more than them. Thus, whether it is playing various wedding games, or dancing with their grooms, these brides like to have fun to the fullest. As a result of this, the nature of wedding music played at weddings has also changed considerably. The song selected by the bride and the groom for their couple dance, need not necessarily be all romantic, slow and mushy songs. They can choose the most funky and high bass songs which they both would love to groove to. 


The couples dance, performed by the bride and the groom, is supposed to be the highlight of the Sangeet ceremony and hence, almost all the brides and grooms like to get professional wedding dance choreography done for their performance. As said before, the song selection for this dance would depend entirely on the personal and individual choice of the bride and the groom. 


Some of the most popular and in demand songs of 2017 for wedding entertainment, as well as couples dance, are as follows:


Tere Raske Qamar

This romantic number from the movie Badshahoo has a Sufi feel to it. It perfectly expresses the feelings of love and desire. Almost everyone these days seems to be humming this song, and has almost become a love anthem for all the people in love. 


Ding Dang

If both you and your partner simply love to dance, then this dance number from the movie Munna Micheal, would make a perfect song for your wedding. You may not be able to match the dancing skills of Tiger Shroff, but surely the very funky and contemporary lyrics of the song, are sure to spell out your relationship perfectly. 


Main Tera Boyfriend

This is yet another very popular dance number of 2017. If you are planning to hire DJ for wedding ceremony, then you are surely going to hear this song play more than once. Many couples are also opting to perform on this song for their couples dance as well. This is a very high energy song, which will surely get you all the attention you desire. 


Cheez Badi

A remix of the 90s classic song Tu Cheez Badi Hai Mast Mast, the new version lives up to the high standards set by the old hit song. It is sensual, peppy and groovy, all at the same time, making it a great choice for a wedding song for brides and grooms. 


Baat Ban Jaye

This song is a combination of romance and peppy. All the youngsters attending your wedding must have heard this song by now, and would be waiting desperately for it to play. 


Disco Disco

This song has brought back our very favorite disco style of dancing. The best part, though, is that the song is catchy, but not very fast, and therefore, everyone at the wedding, old and young are able to match steps on this song. 


Mubarakan: The Goggle Song

What’s a wedding ceremony without a little teasing between the bride and the groom, making this a great choice of a song for their couple dance, and even otherwise. 


Gabru By Guru Randhawa

This is a must play song at all dance parties, including Sangeet ceremonies. Not just the Punjabis, but everyone just loves to dance on this foot thumping number.  


Suit Suit

You are surely not going to sing Chaudhavi Ka Chand Ho at your wedding ceremony. This song is the perfect alternative to praise your partner in a modern and groovy manner. 


3 Peg Sharry Mann 

Forget everything else and just dance off to this high energy cocktail party song.  


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