10 Ways to Choose a Wedding Veil 

10 Ways to Choose a Wedding Veil

The selection of wedding veils depends on your wedding gown. It is item which defines the important aspect of the bridal appearance. As the history tells, the wedding veils were intended to be worn to protect the bride from evil spirits; but in modern times these have become part and parcel of bride’s dress for the day of marriage
Thus, to make the look of bride quite pretty and princess; here are a few ways you may like to choose.

Deciding factors
  1. First and foremost, you must know that the choice of wedding veils totally depends on wedding dress, body shape, face style, hairstyle of the bride and the location of wedding.  
  2. The wedding veils make the wedding dress complete. In other words it complements the wedding dress. So, the selection of your dress is quite essential. 

  3. Keep in consideration of the embroidery and its style on the wedding gown. If the embroidery level is low on the gown; then the wedding veils can have high level of embroidery. Further, keep in mind that styles of wedding gowns are classic, romantic, sophisticated etc. These all decide the style of wedding veils

    Length, width, colour and patterns
  4. The length of the wedding veils is also as per the length of wedding gown. It may be a very short, shoulder length, elbow length, waist length, fingertip length, knee length, floor length, chapel length, cathedral length etc. 
  5. The width of wedding veils depends quite a lot on physique of the bride. However, the top of the wedding dress is the most deciding factor. 
  6. The colour of wedding veils must of matching colour of the wedding gown. The normal colours are white and ivory shades, golden, pinks, red, beiges etc.
  7. Decide the tiers of wedding veils. It may be of single tier or multi-tier i.e. two or three tier. It mainly depends on the wedding dress style. The single tier veil gives a sophisticated look whereas the romantic look comes from two or three tier wedding veils

    Face of bride 
  8. The face of the bride is quite deciding factor of wedding veils. If the bride is of round face, the wedding veils may be such as to make the look slimmer and longer. In this case shoulder length veil would be suitable.
  9. For a bride of square face, the wedding veil must soften her face and add length to it. In this case also the shoulder length wedding veils would be suitable. In case, the bride of oval face, you are free to experiment different patterns and styles of wedding veils.
  10. The body construction of the bride has to do a lot with the choice of wedding veils. In fact wedding veils must have the capacity of adding the corrections to the body shape. If the bride has bigger or visible stomach, the long wedding veils extending up to fingertips or below would be suitable. The shoulder length, elbow or waist level wedding veils are suitable for the bride having pear-shape. The one tier and narrow width wedding veils are ideal for full-figured brides. 
So, choose a right wedding veil for your would-be-wife to make your relationship strong and leave an impression of caring husband.


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