10 Winter Wedding Destinations 

10 Winter Wedding Destinations

People generally avoid having a wedding in the winter season. It is true that the weather is not very ideal for a wedding ceremony, but if one looks at the flip sites, this being an off season for weddings, you are able to get the best deals when planning a wedding. Therefore, you can end up having a lavish wedding, by spending only a normal amount, if you decide to have a winter wedding. 

In order to add spark to your wedding, you can plan on a destination wedding and choose some of the best winter destinations for your ceremony. Some of the most sought after winter wedding destinations are as follows:

Venice, Italy

The bride and the groom can make a grand entry on a boat through the exotic canals, which glow under the low winter sun, into one of the many typical multi-storied hotels of the city. The hotels of this city have ballrooms which overlook the waters and you can arrange for the ceremony in any one of these ballrooms, or you can opt for a more secluded ceremony in a one of the private gardens of the city. 

Guacalito De La Isla, Nicaragua

This is a luxury resort and it overlooks the country‚Äôs Emerald coast. This resort provides the most romantic setting for a wedding ceremony. You have access to all the facilities of a five star hotel and also enjoy the perfect beach and the sun experience during the winter season. 

Sedona, Arizona

You can choose from the many indoor as well as outdoor locations which provide the most perfect view of the Snoopy and Cleopatra rock formations. The marrying couple can indulge in a soothing crystal and mud spa and relax their jittery muscles. 


This is a perfect winter wedding destination, since when it is winters for us; this country is experiencing its summers. 

Lake Placid, New York

You can give a magical experience to your wedding by holding it is the woodlands of Lake placid and amongst the rising mist of the early morning. 


Miami offers the perfect escape from the chilling winters. Choose from the many exotic resorts present in the city and have the perfect ceremony against the most perfect setting.

Los Angeles

While your guests get to enjoy the burgeoning bar and dining scene of the city, you can have a 16th century style of a wedding at its ancient cathedral in Segovia. 

The Caribbean

Once the hurricane season gets over in November, these islands offer one of the best destinations for a winter wedding. 

Bali, Indonesia

You can a traditional Balinese wedding in a small church in a Bali village and get the best wedding photos clicked against the most stunning backdrops. The warm weather of this place, make it the perfect destination for a winter wedding. 

Jukkasjarvi, Sweden

You can a once in a lifetime experience by getting married in the ice church here. This church is open only from December to April and therefore, this becomes one of the topmost choices for an exotic winter wedding. 


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