12 Mouth Watering Dishes That Are A Must Have At A Gujarati Wedding 

12 Mouth Watering Dishes That Are A Must Have At A Gujarati Wedding

It is a common trend these days to provide cuisines from all over the world at the wedding functions. Therefore, when you attend any wedding these days, you would be able to get Italian food, Mughlai food, Chinese food and many other different types of delicacies being served. However, in spite of so many cuisines from the world over, making their place in our wedding festivities, the charm of serving dishes of local flavor has not diminished. Thus, when you attend a Gujarati wedding, you would want to try out some good Gujarati dishes. If you do not find these Gujarati dishes at the wedding, no matter how many other cuisines are served, there, you would be disappointed with the catering at the wedding. 

Below is a list of 12 Gujarati dishes, which just have to try out whenever you get to attend a Gujarati wedding. 

Live Dhokla

This healthy Gujarati starter is neither grilled nor is it fried. It is supposed to be eaten hot along with a coriander and garlic chutney. Dhoklas are liked by everyone, whether young or old. It is quite light and therefore makes a very good appetizer. 


This dish is made from a variety of dals. It is made like a cake and is baked. However, unlike a cake it does not have a sweet taste. In fact, it is quite spicy to eat. If you are health conscious, you add vegetables to this dish. Seasoning of sesame seeds and curry leaves, adds to the flavor of this dish.  This dish is immensely popular among the Gujarati people. 

Lilva Kachori

This dish looks similar to momos, but it is filled with spicy green peas. I order to balance the spices; amchoor chutney is served with this dish. 


If you want to have something that is sweet, salty and spicy at the same time, paatra is the perfect dish for you. It is prepared using colocasia leaves and chickpea flour. It can either be deep fried or steamed as per taste. 

Methi Pakoda

Chickpea batter is filled with methi for making this dish. This dish is big hit at all monsoon weddings or for that matter any wedding.

Undhiyu is one of the signature dishes of Gujarat and everyone, who may not even be a Gujarati knows about this dish. Seasonal winter vegetables, unripe banana, potato and many other vegetables go into the making of this dish. This dry dish has a spicy flavor and is generally enjoyed with puri. 

Sev Tameta

This sweet and savory dish is made with minimum ingredients and is a perfect accompaniment for parathas or theplas. 

Rasawala Bateta

In this dish, potato is cooked in lots of spices and seasonings to give it a unique and finger licking good flavor. 

Bharela Bhindi

Stuffed bhindi is yet another signature dish of Gujarat. 

Gujarati Dal

Unlike the dals that are cooked in other parts of the country or the world, Gujarati dals have a sweet flavor to them. 


The pulp of mango is served in a semi liquid form.


This sweet dish made from strained yoghurt is a favorite of everyone. 


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