5 Creative Ideas to Reduce Wedding Cost Without Compromising on Happiness 

5 Creative Ideas to Reduce Wedding Cost Without Compromising on Happiness

Wedding means music, food and lots of fun-filled memories. Needless to say, everybody wants their special day to the best but as the cost of a wedding has soared high in recent years, many are looking for ideas to bring down the total wedding expenses.


If you are going to get married soon but low on budget, start planning for it months before so that you celebrate your grand wedding day without compromising on happiness.


Here we have discussed the best ideas for your wedding on a budget.


1. Book a Banquet That Fits Your Requirement


One of the most important factors in a wedding on budget is the venue. With so many choices, you can easily get confused. Seek suggestions from your friends or lookup online to create a list of venues. Then personally visit the places to inquire about their charges, services, offers, and discounts. Remember, that it is wise to choose banquet halls over open lawns or some fancy exotic resorts because banquet halls are cheaper. And some banquet halls offer great deals and discounts with a clean and huge open space like the 6 different wedding and banquet halls at the Grand Mercure Vadodara Surya Palace. Multiple halls within the same hotel for all your wedding events is both, a money and time saver.


Wedding Ceremony


2.  Go Minimal With Decorations


Wedding decorations can cost hefty so it is a good idea to do without it. Charges for a florist alone can make a huge impact on the total wedding cost, so you can either choose to completely avoid flowers or go minimal. You can also look for other unnecessary decorations and struck them off the list for a wedding on budget. Another idea to cut on your wedding cost is avoiding a themed wedding-decor.


Wedding Decor


3. Select an Off-Season Wedding Date and Avoid Weekends


Avoid the rush and save big by going for an off-season wedding and reception. That is because banquet halls and other wedding venues on off-seasons are mostly available and they can offer a discounted price for booking. Select a date from the less-popular months and be easy on your pocket. And always try to avoid the weekends. Wedding venues are more expensive on weekends, so plan it accordingly.


4.  Invite Closest Friends and Family for Preparations


Take help from your close friends and family members to avoid the burden. You cannot handle all tasks by yourself and hiring a wedding planner can cost you lots of money. Instead, find out who in your friends’ list and family are free to lend a helping hand.


5. Go for Minimal Makeup and Jewelry


Less is more. An increasing number of brides are opting for minimal makeup and less jewelry. You have a great chance for saving huge if you can do the makeup yourself instead of hiring a wedding makeup artist. Wear light jewelry and chuck the designer bridal wears if you like it simple. That way you will not only look elegant but be yourself.


Makeup Artist




I hope you find my discussion on wedding ideas on a budget useful. I am interested to know which other factors you think are important to bring down the wedding cost. Share them with me in comments.


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