5 Essential Beauty Tips All Brides Must Follow This Summer For Healthy And Gorgeous Hair 

5 Essential Beauty Tips All Brides Must Follow This Summer For Healthy And Gorgeous Hair

Summer season not only affects the skin from the scorching rays of the sun, but also the hair strands , called as cuticle becomes damaged seriously. The ultraviolet rays of light are extremely deteriorating to the hairs and the skin. The wedding celebration during summer seasons require everyone to take extra care as the skin and other body parts are extremely vulnerable , the ignorance of which may be extremely hazardous. The bride to be should even be more awared about the same, As to look beautiful during their wedding , they will have to do extra efforts. Here are some essential hair care tips that are must to be followed during this summer.

- Avoid using hair dryer :- 

The prime cause is the moisture content. When we use them in excess, then the moisture content of the hairs get dried up and the hair loose its natural lusture and gloss. Allow your hairs to get dry by themselves as during  the summer season , the hairs naturally get dried.

- Oil massage thrice weekly is mandatory

The oiling of the hairs is mandatory thrice in a wekk, in the absence of which , the hairs become limp. The good health of the hairs is maintained and ensured by oiling them properly. A variety of the different oils like coconut, almond, olive and aloe vera are available in the market.
3. Protect your hairs from the sunlight 

It may be looking weired to wear something on the hairs during outing, but its an essential feature of the hair care protection through umbrella, scarf, cap or a hat. It would be extremely helpful in protecting the hairs from the ultraviolet rays of the sun, As well As would prevent the natural moisture from drying away. 

4. Hair conditioning for summer (home made)

To rejuvenate and to revitalize the dried hairs, make sure that you condition them well.  The conditioner choosed for this purpose must havce an ideal ph value to be suitable for your hairs type. The conditioner can be home made like as by mixing half a banana, one tablespoon yoghurt , one fourth of a cantaloupe and a little bit of olive oil. The home made remedy would be more effective for your hairs during this summer.

5. Natural moisturizer for summer hair care

The natural moisturizers like lemon and eggs when mixed with fresh lemon juice and olive oil  is applied on the hairs, and the scalp properly, the rinsing of the same after, half an hour would give you the moist hairs with enough health for wonderful bounce.


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