5 Smart Tricks For Joota Chupai At Your Sisters Wedding 

5 Smart Tricks For Joota Chupai At Your Sisters Wedding

The great traditional Indian weddings are filled with ultimate joy and fun. The exciting traditions of wedding are further enhanced when the families support this kind of fun and they even enjoy along with the youngsters. One such tradition is of jutta chuppai.  This tradition is probably the most looked forward tradition , especially the bride’s family. 

The jutta chupai, is accompanied by the great fun by both sides of the families ass in this rasm, the brides sisters and friends, hide the shoes or footwear of the groom, which are otherwise in high protection zone by the groom friends. The girls, on demand, always demand for a reasonable amount of cash or gift, or both. 

If you are the brides sister, or the best friend, we have got five smart tricks to help you out, by the help of which you can have the sure help of getting hold on the groom’s shoes for sure.

Trick #1. Emotional entrapment- the Maa power

The mother of the groom, when entrapped in a very emotional way can be a sured way to get to know about the juttay. There is no way she can refuse to help the bride’s sweet sisters. Take full advantage of your innocence and the sweetness. 

In case, the shoes are already in the hands of the guards, then antee ji can be informed to know about the shoes. Once she gets the shoes, she can hide them for you, if your relations are best with the antee ji. The groom and their party would be amazed to know your possession of their shoes. You all will look like a bunch of smart people who are always a few step ahead of them. 

trick #2. Traditional touch

here, the role of pandit ji can help you get the shoes.as the blind faith of the groom on the pandit ji can help you getting the shoes. But, make sure, pandit ji on perfectly your side. Ask the panditji to tell the groom to remove his shoes while he is on stage, as a part of some ritual. As soon as the groom removes his shoes, snatch them and run away!

Trick #3. Get a Spy

This is the best way to utilize the brother, or sister or any other relative of the bride or groom family , who is not very popular and their acquaintances are not much more in the wedding. Ask any of such girlfriend of the bride”s brother to pretend like from the boys side and get to know the detail about the location of the shoes. 

Trick #4. Tug of war

Yes, settle this issue straight on the face with a tug of war. Maybe instead of a rope, you can use a dupatta to make it look more traditional and elegant. Keep it light, fun and non-crazy. Well, unless you want a story to remember for many years to come, on how the groom’s brother fell on the floor and rolled to the other side of the room. That could be fun too, of course! 

When you think about a 'tug of war', here is a classic wedding song from Bollywood that would definitely pop in your head: 

Trick #5. The weapon of emotions

Obviously, the last weaon is to get melodramatic. We mean very very melodramatic. You can say shoekeeper that how you have always looked forward for this day and dreamt of being the person to steal jija jis shoes. Also tell them that without getting shoes, their all the joy would go in ruin and the wedding would not be that much interesting for the saalis as it is supposed to be. Use glycerin for the tears and make it loud.so make them feel so embarrassed, Afterall, everything is fair in love and war.

These are just simple tricks that will, years later after the wedding, make you grin and giggle with fond memories. 


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