50 Top Tips for Wedding Planning 

50 Top Tips for Wedding Planning

50 Wedding Planning Tips

Here comes the nuptial preparation where families of both the parties start to plan each and every minute detail about the most awaited occasion of their lives and wonder whether they have not missed anything and everything under control! They actually are not prepared to hear criticism. Well! chill folks, here we present before you an exhaustive list of wedding planning tips and tricks to plan a memorable wedding day, hope it helps you immensely. Happy reading!


1. Block the wedding dates – Fixing up the wedding dates provides you the freedom to start preparations, book the venue and finalize each and every thing about the celebration.


2. Allocating the Budget – Now comes the basic driver over which all your wedding planning rests, so this should be your first and foremost thing to fix before your initiate anything else. Do discuss Wedding planning tips on a Budget with the family, they may love to pour in and contribute with this and thus easing the burden on your shoulders.


3. Create a guest list – Wedding without friends and family just doesn’t go with the Indian culture. Finalizing a guest list with the family and making an estimate of the approximate number of guests and not forgetting anyone is vital.


4. Finalize the venue – Getting the venue booked immediately after preparing the guest list is much advised as each venue has its limitations.


5. Check nature calls – Wedding season is a dominant factor in deciding the venue and must be strictly adhered to. Open celebrations during peak summers and winters are uncomfortable.


6. Check the meal plans – A well balanced food budget fulfilling all the requirements of the guests is just the idle thing one can do. The catering contractor should be checked in advance.


7. Apply for credit cards – Wedding bills are heavy transactions. Payments made through credit cards allows you earn reward points and in future you can use these reward points and schemes to plan your honeymoon. Value for money, isn’t it!


8. Trimming your list – Just to show off to the society should not be the criteria to invite guests. A hefty guesting may cost you more.


9. Planning a Wedding check list – It is vital to go through a Wedding planning guide and follow Wedding planning tips and tricks and create Wedding planning PDF.


10. Do not panic while making decisions – Getting confused and deciding in a hurry should be avoided, one must try to follow Wedding tips and ideas.


11. Select a theme – Choosing a theme as per you interest will help in guiding further for decoration and other aspects.


12. Design a wedding invitation – Free website tools and several online apps liberate you to design your own invitation.


13. Pick trustworthy vendors – Seek help from your family and friends to finalize a vendor list.


14. Cross check your wedding date – Possibility of another wedding falling on the same date and time at the same venue should be revised.


15. Vendor check – See if the vendor you booked is free to take up your responsibility and not booked with someone else on the same schedule.


16. Compare and select – It is wise to always compare the prices and services of multiple vendors to grab the best deal possible.


17. Go through the contract – Read through all the minutest details of the contract signed with the vendors.


18. Do it all by yourself – Read all the Wedding tips for couples on all the blogs and sites to be sure and well informed.


19. Create a priority roll – Figuring out the most important aspects of the wedding and points to be avoided should be listed first.


20. Ask for some assistance - Do not forget to seek help from your surrounds about wedding tips for couples.


21. Magnitude of social media – Making an announcement on social media is a big help for outstation guests, so they can plan before-hand.


22. Sweet add-ons – Just in case you wish to start with a new tradition from now on within your family, you can notify before-hand and give it a start.


23. Be a miser – Oh!! No!!, its all about not spending all your bank account but to have a practice of having some extra fund to finance those last-minute quickies.


24. Acceptance for rebuff – Well no party can be perfect and many of your guests will definitely find flaws with your arrangements.


25. Share live location – Providing an online detail of the route to be followed by your guests towards the venue is modern compassion, one can look forward.


26. Know your restrictions – Some venues have their limitations and restrictions; it is worth being aware of them before-hand.


27. Financing – As and when the budgeting part is done, it is advised to get all the sources of financing made very clear to avoid later confusions.


28. Timely shopping – Wedding planning tips for brides is initiating shopping well in advance 2-3 months of marriage eases down the last-minute pressure.


29. Arrange stay for outstation guests – Confirming the accommodation for outstation guests near the party venue makes them feel secure and comfortable.


30. Destination wedding bells – In case of destination wedding we recommend to hire an agency to get all bookings done well in advance. One must try to look for the best bargain from such agents.


31. Selection of gifts – Getting oneself registered with the gift sites and visiting wholesale shopping malls is a flawless idea to shop for gifts for the guests.


32. Focus on your invitees – Hiring an anchor to conduct various entertainment programs during the course of celebrations makes sure no one feels left out.


33. Arranging a photo slideshow – Setting up a slideshow of selective photographs from engagement day to pre wedding shoot and putting them on display attracts the guests.


34. Bachelor/Bachelorette party – Modern trend of entertaining the youngsters and adding pleasure to nuptials is at its peak. Do enjoy this and plan in advance.


35. Last minute shuffling – In case of any emergency changes made regarding the venue or such important matter, kindly inform the guests using social media.


36. Draw a schedule on the calendar – Old but basic for effective planning, mark dates of your party on the calendar and follow the plan.


37. Create emergency contact list – Do form a list with a copy of all the vendors, close relatives and friends involved in making arrangements and such important contacts and keep it with you.


38. Try all get ups- Before the D day arrives try to size up all the clothes to be worn, in case of any alterations to be done, can be done well in time.


39. File all bills – Collect all bills from vendors, contractors, DJ’s and others and make a file to get the exact expenditure done on the celebrations.


40. Request for extra hours – In case of delay in any of the ceremonies because of any unforeseen reason, make sure you ask for extra hours at time of booking itself.


41. Coordinate among both the families – This wedding is a close association of the families of both the bride and the groom, so consulting both the families for the arrangements is wisdom.


42. Regularly check mails – Regular checking of confirmation emails must be brought in to practice to have faith in your arrangements.


43. Form a team – Working for bigger projects calls for a team work, seeking help from all the family and friends boosts up the morale.


44. Avoid stress – Weddings are a lot of fun and must be enjoyed with a free spirit, so try not to stress.


45. Enjoy togetherness – Adore the togetherness of the guests who have taken out their precious time to be a part of your celebrations as much as possible.


46. Make advance payments – Advance payments invite discounts, do avail them.


47. Bartender – Ideally one bartender entertains 50 guests so make arrangements accordingly.


48. Open up to seek help – In any emergency case one should be open to ask for help from other people also.


49. One step at a time – Go over the basic rules and also learn more about marriage license at the venue, last but not the least go slow and firm, step by step.


50. Keep a gap between wedding celebrations and honeymoon so as to clarify all your financial grounds by then, finally there may be a possibility that your honeymoon could be sponsored by your credit points, hence savings on your cards.


Hope, these Wedding planning tips help you celebrate better.


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