6 Quick Ways to Prepare for Wedding Photo Shoots 

Photographs are an integral part of wedding functions. Regardless of the ritual, the pre wedding or the post wedding, the photos are an important part that keep us reminded of the old memories and keep us charge up through the beautiful memories of the past. But for some brides, these photographs are something dread. May be, the people have this kind of intention that they are not much photogenic, or the bride does not know how to pose. The photographers too direct you that how to pose for a particular ritual. The most seasoned wedding photographers put valuable instructions on where to put your hand, how to smile, tilt your head or hold your hand or hold the bouquet. Here are some valuable tips to keep you relaxed and at ease for your wedding photos - 

1. Wear a Long-Lasting Lipstick

To last the lip stick for all of the day, you must have your lipstick with great lip stain so that it lasts whole of the day. Or otherwise, they provide the lip stick with touch ups. The main purpose opf providing you these touchups is to keep the face shine free and look fresh. So don’t forget to touch your makeup before your photos are clicked

2. Just Say ‘Yes’

Saying the word ‘yes’ puts the mouth in a pleasant, naturally smiling position while helping relax the face. Take all the tension out of your features just with one word!

3. Battling the Sun

This is the main criteria, which determines the Photographers attention as it becomes extremely difficult to control the sunrays. Moreover, many of the photos get squint However, many times especially with outdoor and beach weddings, the beautiful sun cannot be avoided. Instead, close your eyes and ask your photographer to count to three; on three you open your eyes and he or she will snap the photo. This avoids the appearance of squinted eyes or furrowed brows as your eyes attempt to adjust themselves in the bright sunlight.

4. How to Avoid the “Double Chin”

Sometimes, the feared double chin look poses severe problem even with the slimmest of the bride. move your head forward, elongating the neck, and subtly tilt your chin upwards. It feels awkward, but looks stunning in photos. Another tip is to place your tongue at the roof of your mouth during a closed mouth smile, this tightens the whole chin area but remember to relax, as your face can look stern while doing this.

5. Laugh a Little

The fakeness of smile is easily depicted in the photographs, where the laughs are natural and cannot be said that fake. All the brides get tired by giving the fake smiles in the photographs. You are supposed to laugh aloud sometimes to avoid this situation. And as its human tendency to laugh aloud along with the people, the fake laughs even would be better to have the gorgeous photographs. You would have the photograph that you would like to keep forever.

6. Don’t Hate Your Arms

Some women are very shy when it comes to the bicep jiggle that some of us have, commonly referred to as “chicken wings”. You may feel like you want to draw your arms closer to your body to avoid the unsightly jiggle, but if you want to make your arms look more slender, it is actually better for you to hold them away from your body slightly, giving your biceps some room to breathe during the pose. This in turn helps your shoulders look more narrow as well.


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