6 Ways to Trim Your Wedding Decor Cost 

6 Ways to Trim Your Wedding Decor Cost

Weddings are the most awaited and important phase of one’s life. So before you start with your wedding planning , do try and go for a crash course on wedding planning to know the inside knowledge and information which can make you an expert on the cooking, makeup and planner on your own wedding. But the big question is how does the wand of wedding planner trims the topping on your wedding costs.

So some points even planners go for are

Get that floral reception

Experts on décor say that cost of flowers are always down, it’s the labour that extends the dollars. So a better way to save some money is to save from flowers. Instead of going for expensive floral centrepieces go for non-floral table centrepiece with maybe tall candles with sparkling glass pebbles and do invest in bride’s bouquet and flowers on bridesmaid, mother and father which will be a memory in photographs forever. Moreover if you are crafty a bit you can do your own flowers and save another shot. Pick a bit of greenery and you can also choose site that don’t need more of a décor. Keep it light and keep it simple. 

Check that guest list and the music

One and all dream of having a famous live string quartet or some known rock band at receptions but their fees always give a hike your wedding budget. So a better idea to get out of these problems is to hire a fresh musicians and talent that can be of some known college or university. You can confirm the entertainment by auditions before to avoid any disasters thereafter. With a little of your luck on music you can be your own DJ or have a friend as your saviour.

Another way that can save you thousands is managing your reception. Check the guest list and cut the unwanted. Save a few from slashing your catering cost and on invitations. Moreover holding reception and wedding ceremony at one stop will make things work out. You can also have venues like church, gardens and courtyards for your wedding ceremony and receptions which not only save a lot of your precious money but give you more traditional feel and are beautiful in memories.

DIY are never out of fashion

Another one way to trim your clients wedding costs is you make the ceremony premises more DIY. Yes, making a small, trendy and theme oriented photo booth can save a lot more than you think. Also you can buy some photo booth kit, some funky sunglasses, some funny accessories and dimensional hats. 

You can also save bucks by keeping a classy theme and decorate your wedding and reception with balloons. Balloons are a great supplement of expensive glass ware décor options that are to be carefully cared for. All you have to do is get those different sized and colored balloons and rent a tank or two of helium to blow them.

And above all, it’s not a strict record that you can’t borrow or rent things and everything has to be purchased new and glowing. So go for it. Rent and borrow as much as possible. You can also plan a vintage theme and honour those heritages wedding décor that needs a party too. 


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