7 Crucial Warning Signs that you are In an Abusive Marriage and How to Deal with It 

7 Crucial Warning Signs that you are In an Abusive Marriage and How to Deal with It

Marriage is a beautiful bond; it is the unity of two souls but for some marriage turns out to be no short of hell on earth. Constant quarrels, jealousy, humiliation and isolation become a part of the daily routine. To top it all, the worst fact is that abuse in a relationship is overlooked until it does not turn into physical violence. Statistics reveal that most of the time it is the women who suffer from an abusive partner and fail to raise their voices in the fear of the society. 

Every person in an abusive marriage should gather the courage and speak up for himself. Read on more to find out if you are a victim of abusive marriage. 

Frequent quarrels

If you experience frequent, unnecessary quarrels in your marriage over petty issues then it’s time to realize that you might be a victim of an abusive marriage. While small quarrels can be resolved and you can save your marriage by spending some quality time with your partner, daily quarrels over small issues take a toll on your mental peace and overall health.

Signs of humiliation and embarrassment 

If your partner cuts jokes of your ideas or belittles you often enough to hurt your sentiments, then you must confront him and take an immediate action. Never lose your self-respect and dignity in a bid to maintain a relationship. 

Domination and force

Personal space and a little distance are always healthy and important in a relationship. If your partner exercises excess control over you and shows narcisstic tendencies, it’s high time you voice your opinion. Living with peace and freedom is always better than living in a constant fear of a dominating partner. A partner should be a soul mate and not a third parent. 

Threatening and unpredictable temper

Do not give in to the constant mood swings and bad temper of your partner. If your partner threatens to commit suicide if you leave, realize that it is no less a sign of an abusive marriage and talk it out with your partner

Forced sex

If your partner compels you to have sex against your will or intimidates and manipulates you into having unwilling intercourse, realize it is a warning sign and shows a lack of moral integrity.

Criticism and sarcastic comments

Mean jokes, hypercriticism, mockery, and ridicule all these come under domestic violence. Although the effect of such behaviours cannot be seen directly, they hamper the victim’s self-esteem in the long run. 

Gender roles

Gender roles such as men should work and women should cook are worn-out yet very prominent in a patriarchal society like India. Times have changed and a woman is no longer seen as the damsel in distress. Do not live up to the expectations of obeyance or serving the other partner. 


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