7 Factors to Consider When Finalizing a Fabulous Wedding Venue 

7 Factors to Consider When Finalizing a Fabulous Wedding Venue

For every wedding planner or event manager, the very first (and the most important) task on the to-do list is choosing a perfect wedding venue. If you want to delight your clients and make their dream wedding a reality, follow these 7 steps when navigating your options and you will arrive at a perfect wedding venue by the time you finish!


1. Determine the Budget of the Host

When you first meet with your clients, most of them would have a specific wedding venue on a budget already in their mind. But as a wedding planner, it is your job to help them explore their vision and show them how specific venues will cater to their wants better. 


But, before arriving at a final budget you would want to know:


→ Their overall vision and what’s important to them

→ The number of guests they are expecting

→ The season when the wedding is due

→ The type of venue they are looking for


From the information you’ve gathered, you should be able to arrive at a financial plan. If you have a fabulous wedding location that satisfies all of their needs but does not fit their budget, you can ask them to consider applying for a marriage loan. 

A personal loan for wedding is collateral-free and would give them the financial freedom to realize their wedding dreams and fund their marriage expenses without having to tap into their savings or putting their valuable assets at risk! 


2. Ensure that the Venue Can Comfortably Accommodate all the Wedding Guests

Weddings come in a variety of sizes and so, every venue has a minimum guest capacity. Deciding if your host wants a big wedding venue or a smaller one for an intimate affair is very important because the size of the venue will make a big difference to the budget.


If the venue is too cluttered, the space will seem overcrowded and if it is too big then the guests may feel lost. You can ask for a seating plan of the venue to get a good idea of how comfortably it can accommodate the wedding guests while ensuring that they enjoy.

Royal Wedding Venue


3. Choose a Convenient Location

Where are the guests coming from? If most of them are not going to be local, then you need to make sure that the wedding venue is conveniently located. If the accommodation is not available on site, then you also need to ensure that the hotel is in close proximity to the venue.


If your host is expecting a lot of international guests, you would also need to make arrangements to pick the guests from the airport. All of these factors play a crucial role in ensuring a pleasant and comfortable experience for the guests.


4. Check for Catering Restrictions

Which cuisine would your host like on the menu? Can the wedding venue provide it? If not, is it restricting your options with their own exclusive caterers? If the chosen venue has its own catering service which is also expensive, it might push the budget too far.


Also, if the host has a favorite Italian or Mexican restaurant on mind to cater for the wedding, it is important to ensure that the wedding venue allows non-traditional caterers at no additional cost.


5. Make sure the Venue Compliments the Wedding Theme

This is a difficult one to nail down and also the most important one. Is the host looking for a regal marble-laden ballroom for guests coming in elegant gowns and bowties? Or seeks a full-day countryside wedding experience with an old-world charm? 


If you want to make the wedding day magnificent for the guests and mesmerizing for the couple, then it is important to make sure that the venue suits the theme of the wedding.

Theme Wedding Venue


6. Don’t Lose Sight of the Lighting and Décor

Most clients come to the wedding planner with a clear idea in mind but when they actually visit different wedding venues, they suddenly switch gears. So stay open to all possibilities when visiting sites.


Some wedding venues will have captivating architectural details and artwork on the walls while the others will have amazing crystal chandeliers and Persian rugs! Lighting can also make a big difference to the venue depending on the time of the wedding.


So if the sun is shining bright, you’d want the banquet hall to have plenty of windows and if it is an evening affair, you’d want to bring in more of candles and lanterns to brighten up the outdoors!


7. Confirm if the Venue is All-Inclusive

Will the wedding venue be able to provide you with all the services you need at your budget? Check if it includes the catering, décor, flowers, lighting, live music, fireworks, videography, cake, and vendors so you can make the arrangements accordingly. 


If your final choice of wedding venue checks off all these 7 aspects, then your client won’t have to worry about anything major putting a damper on the wedding day! However, in some way or the other, the budget will affect every major decision you make.


Take his hassle out of the way, early in your planning stage by giving your client, the option of a marriage loan. A marriage loan will enable your client to cover all the marriage expenses without any stress and bring you the flexibility to turn their dream wedding into a reality without any hassles!



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