7 Types Of Gorgeous Shoes That Every Bride Must Own 

7 Types Of Gorgeous Shoes That Every Bride Must Own

In a typical Indian wedding, there are numerous functions which take place and the bride is supposed to be the center of attraction in all of these functions. Therefore, it becomes important for the bride to make sure that she looks perfect in each and every occasion, from her dresses to her shoes, everything that the bride wears to these wedding ceremonies is closely scrutinized by everyone attending these weddings. Thus, a bride cannot compromise on anything, including her shoes, when doing her bridal shopping.
As far as footwear is concerned, below is a list of 7 gorgeous shoes, which every bride must own. 

Kitten Heels

While it is important that the shoes that a bride wears to her wedding functions should match her dress and should be stylish, it is also important that these shoes should be extremely comfortable. During these functions, the bride would have to move around a lot, mingling with people, she would have to perform different ceremonies and therefore, it is important that she should be comfortable with everything that she wears, including her shoes. When looking for comfort in footwear, owning a pair of nice kitten heels becomes a must for every bride. 


The wedding trousseau of a bride consists of various different kinds of dresses. Some of these dresses would be modern, while others may have a traditional look to them. For brides, who are looking for footwear, which would look good on both modern as well as traditional dresses, pumps are the best option. 


Weddings mean long nights of standing endlessly. Wearing pointed heels through a wedding can be a big pain for your feet. If you want to give your feet a break and yet make sure that you get the height that heels give, you can go in for the wedges, which look extremely stylish on short dresses. 


Stilettos are a big favorite amongst the bride for their big day as they help in increasing the glamour quotient. However, it is important that you know how to carry yourself after wearing these heels. 

Juttis Or Mojaris

Brides who already have the height on their side, and want to give their ethnic outfits a unique twist, can opt for Juttis or Mojaris. These shoes are easily available in the markets and being a reminiscent of the Mughal era, they come with a lot of stone work and glitter. 

Platform Heels

These heels have a thicker sole and therefore, are a lot more comfortable to wear. Earlier these heels were combined with wedges only, but now-a-days, they are also available with stiletto heels. 


Finally, we have the slingbacks. These shoes are available in many different styles and heels, but what makes them unique is that they have a strap at the back of the shoe, which helps in holding them right on the foot. These shoes make a good accessory for both modern as well as traditional dresses. Therefore, when shopping for shoes, do not miss out on buying a pair of trendy slingbacks. 


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