8 Navratri Recipes To Help Newlywed Brides Impress Their In-Laws This Festive Season 

8 Navratri Recipes To Help Newlywed Brides Impress Their In-Laws This Festive Season

Navratri is a very important festival amongst the Hindus. Goddess Durga is worshipped in all her Holi forms for nine days. Navratri means celebrations for nine days. People like to dress up, celebrate with music and dance and most importantly, in spite of the fact that most of the people keep a fast for all nine days, there are many delicious fasting delicacies that are prepared during this festival. For a newly wedded bride, this festival is even more special as it gives her the opportunity to impress her in-laws with her amazing cooking skills. And if you are arrenging mata ka jagrata at your home, make sure that you have booked the best caterer for ratri bhojan for guest.

Have a look at some of the Navratri dishes with us. You can also try your hands on these dishes, this navratri to get a better place in the heart of your in laws...


1. Sabudana Khichdi

Sabudaane Ki Khichdi

This dish, a combination of Sabudana, peanuts and spices, is packed with carbohydrates and starch. It will give your in-laws all the energy they need to get through the 9 tough days of fasting. In spite of being filled with so much energy, this dish is light for the stomach and easy to digest.


2. Arbi Tikki

Arbi Ki Tikki

Everyone loves eating a tikki, and while you may not be able to enjoy your regular tikkis, you can always bring a smile to the faces of your in-laws with this amazing and tasty Arbi Tikki. This dish is very easy and quick to make. All you need to do is boil some Arbi. Once that is done, peel it and mix it with Singhare Ka atta and other spices. Make small round balls of this mixture and fry the same in a pan with little oil.


3. Kuttu Ka Dosa

Delicious Kuttu Ka Dosa

This is a special dosa that is generally eaten only during the Navratri or fasting season. Instead of serving your in-laws with the regular puris and other fried foods, serve them with this healthy and yet tasty variant of Kuttu. Fill your dosa with a nice potato filling to make your dosa special and appetizing.


4. Kacche Kele Ki Chat

Kacche Kele Ki Chaat

Simply find a big frying bowl in your house, and put in peeled and chopped raw bananas, spicy and sweet sauces, coriander, salt and chaat masala, and there you have a nice, fresh and tasty Navratri dish present for your in-laws, early in the morning, for which you do not even have to get up early in order to make too many preparations for the same. Get maximum results with minimum efforts with this amazing chaat dish.

Newlywed celebrating kanjak


5. Aloo Ki Kadhi

Yummy Aloo Ki Kadi

This soothing and light potato dish is a perfect accompaniment for all puris, parathas and other breads that you may be planning to serve to your family.


6. Dry Fruit Milkshake

Dry Fruit Milk Shake

Your new family would be fasting for 9 days at a stretch and it is your responsibility to take care of their health during this period. This dry fruit milkshake will give them the necessary energy and nutrients to stay fit for the nine days.


7. Kabab-e-Kela

Kabab e kela

With this mouth watering kababs, make sure that fasting food is no longer boring or bland.


8. Sweet Potato Halwa

Sweet Patato Halwa

An Indian meal is never complete without anything sweet. This simple to make and very tasty halwa is sure to score you many extra points in the eyes of your in-laws.

Whether you are an expert cook, or a novice at this job, these simple, yet absolutely delicious Navratri dishes will surely going to help you make a special place in the hearts of your new family members after marriage.


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