A checklist For the Sister of the Bride - Duties Before Every Day of Wedding 

A checklist For the Sister of the Bride - Duties Before Every Day of Wedding

Sister, A word, more than that, a valued confidant and the trustworthy and everything of bride, which she wants standing beside her in every function and occasion. The silence and the love, she cares more than anyone can do, a perfect assistant, a self care motivator. The heart to heart union unites the souls together. Here are a few things you need to perform as the bride’s go-to girl –

Before the big day-

- Click pictures, while you go to all bridal exhibitions and shopping fairs with your sister.

- Help creating not only a pinterest board, but also the watsapp groups, along with her. This would be helpful to her to connect to her close friends in case she needs help.

- Never miss vendor meeting with her. Have a strong hold on the things to assist her if she starts panicking later. "

- Surprisingly organize a bachelorette party, the best part to do as the party forms the base for full took masti and mazza...

- Make sure to keep a contact with the in-laws, so that you the misunderstandings can be avoided over the petty things.
Have a make-up kit ready with the makeup essentials, a sewing kit, clips and pins (small accessories), tissues and also a miniature of tequila.

- Tag along with her, if she is shopping with her mother-in-law. She would require a trustful voice.

- Help completely, in booking the vendors by yourself, fix the dates and write them on the diary. Make sure you confirm the appointments before the day of wedding by calling them personally, specially the bride related vendors. Like as- make-up, hair dressers, etc. 

- Most importantly, she should make a strong planning of how to rob the shoes of the groom for that jutta chuppai.

- Your mehandi must not be an obstacle in the way. You are supposed to apply your mehandi a day prior to the main mehandi event, so that you are free during the event.

- Keep a few friends in loop; loop so that in case you are tied up, you have extra hands on deck!

Besides, all these aforementioned points, she is like an all round nut, which could be fixed anywhere. Keep an eye on each and every subtle effect of wedding, so that the wedding functions are running smoothly.


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