A Description about Prajapatya Marriage 

A Description about Prajapatya Marriage

Hinduism mainly has four ashrams and four aims in their lives. They are followed as they age and grow. Similarly lives of Hindu people are bounded in relationship of marriage. Marriages in Hinduism are preceded in various ways by many rituals according to the ways they choose. One of the ways is when the bride’s father hands her to the groom and then they perform sacred duties. This form is known as prajapatya marriage ceremony. The followers of Brahma mainly follow this way to tie knots of marriage. And it can be said that prajapatya marriage has its origin rooted to Brahma spirituals.

About prajapatya marriage

In this marriage the father selects his son-in-law, searching a lot and traveling places. Mainly here groom is selected from the same caste and ethic associates. Before marriage holy yajna is performed in bride’s house. The groom along with his whole family is invited to her place and worshipping is done. There are also various rituals performed along with the yajna to precede the ceremony. There are also various other performances like mehandi and haldi (turmeric) on her body and hands. Marriage in prajapatya is considered very auspicious and holy ceremony. Also they try to follow every possible rite that the old guardians say. 

Also the groom and his family are treated with great respect and love from the starting. The worshipping is started with groom and then it is joined by the bride and his father and other people. Also there are priest involved that help in proceedings and other religious ceremony. Then the bride and the groom are tied in wedlock. After the ceremony the just married couples take blessing of other guardians and old relatives. The whole prajapatya marriage ceremony is performed with great love and joy. Also they are grant feast followed by it.

A bond of love and affection

Moreover in Hinduism single man or women life is treated as a vice. Also it is not allowed for any male and female cannot perform any worship or yajna alone. It is traditional to get married in Hindu mythology. As per tradition, husband and wife are made to perform religious ceremony together. Also in Hinduism there are various stories of their gods performing prajapatya marriage ceremony and living their lives together. Marriage is also considered vital for the maintenance of human race and their sacred religion. Moreover prajapatya marriages also involve certain sacred rituals reflecting their culture and heritage.

Marriage is important

Not only marriage but prajapatya also follows and natures family love, care and affection. Also there are stories of gods like Ram and Sita, lord Krishna and her devotees which make a way and lay certain rituals to follow. Also they promote the family cooperation and heart rendering affections. Moreover prajapatya marriage provides an opportunity to man and women to live a happy life and perform their religious duties together. Although there are various other forms to follow in Hinduism to follow but prajapatya are very vital and sacred to follow. Also marriage is a big event for humans to encounter in their lives.


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