A Fantastic Pre-Marriage Checklist to Determine Readiness 

A Fantastic Pre-Marriage Checklist to Determine Readiness

It’s quite natural you plan the wedding in a nice manner, but do you involve yourself in marriage planning too? When the question is asked to many couples who get married, the answer is perfect “NO”. Since the people don’t plan their marriage, they are actually not mentally ready when they get married. As a consequence, they face problems in later stages. So, it is quite necessary that you prepare yourself for the marriage. 

Here are a few important facts that you must consider at pre marriage stage. 

Prepared for Marriage

You and your would-be spouse many by very loving to each other and many be dating every next day, but check that whether you are ready to accept each other in marriage and accept the weaknesses as well as strength of each other. If your spouse has some weaknesses, you must be ready to forgive that and also change the weaknesses into strength. If both of you have developed this thinking you are surely prepared for marriage. 

Clear Communication

It is necessary that both of you have a clear communication with each other regarding various issues related to marriage. If you fail to have a clear communication with would be spouse or in-laws, you are like to be in a poor marriage. If you do this, you will come to various features of personality traits of your spouse. For the shortcomings you will be prepared to accept and will not be taken aback on certain occasions. With the help of undoubtedly communication you may prepare yourself to be reasonably matured, emotionally healthy as well as spiritually committed spouse. 

Set Your Goals of Life 

The most important item in your checklist for the marriage to be is the goals of life. If both the spouses have different goals in life then there may be the chances of conflict. For example, one partner would like to chill out and relax in life with fun, while other may be willing to earn a lot of money by working extra hours and acquire so many things of luxury. If is the case with you also, then the boy or girl to whom you like very much may not be proved as a best partner in life. You should not get married with this kind of person. The best partner for you will be the person of compatible goals. 

Intellectual Interests

The cultural and intellectual interests of you and your partner should be also same. This is related to love for poetry, fine arts, literature, visit to historical places etc. If the likes and dislikes of both the partners are not the same, you would not be in a happy marriage. For example; while watching TV in your leisure, you may will willing to see a documentary about the some historical place, while your spouse may be interested in watching a sports events. For some time, you may engage in the interest of your partner, but in the long run you will feel that you are compromising with your interests. 


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