A Guide to Flower Girl Attire 

A Guide to Flower Girl Attire

Now as your little one is ready to take the role of the flower girl here’s how to dress her:


Costs fluctuate contingent upon the manufacturer, fabric, and size, yet don't hesitate to make a few recommendations. A lady picking on looks alone might ignore a scratchy neckline or a substantial dress. Your girl may need to go for fittings to ensure the dress is agreeable and not very long, to abstain from pulling or stumbling amid the function. Floor-length dresses can be dubious, particularly if your girl is younger or basically not used to strolling in something so long. In case you're concerned, recommend shortening the stitch by an inch or two. 


Regularly disregarded, shoes that don't fit will actually hurt your kid's steps. Get them no less than a month ahead of time, and have her stretch them in for a couple of hours every week (just around the house) to ensure she's happy and comfortable. When there's no other option, at an easy-going warm-climate wedding, you may recommend that she walk shoeless. It looks cute! 


Little pearl studs for pierced ears, or a straightforward armlet, are ideal for the wedding day. It's best to keep the adornments negligible - and ensure your little girl knows it's not an ideal opportunity to break out her most loved extensive, plastic ring. 


Hues or polka spots effortlessly appear through a light dress, so white is the best wager. 


In the event that your flower girl will be wearing tights, it's best to line up two sets if there should arise an occurrence of wedding-day tangles. What's more, if the dress is white or ivory, ensure the leggings match - shades of white and ivory can be altogether different! 

White Cardigan 

In the event that she gets cold, you don't need her to wind up in a sweatshirt! A beautiful cardigan to match her dress is awesome to have close by. 

Hair Accessories 

Will she wear barrettes, a tiara, or blossoms in her hair? It's a smart thought to check with the spouse on this one, so you can line up the right supplies - particularly in case will be your girl's beautician.


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