A Guide To Honeymoon 

A Guide To Honeymoon

Honeymoon tour is the trip planned by newlyweds in order to celebrate their marriage. To celebrate their wedding they often choose beautiful honeymoon destinations to spend time together. Honeymoon experience is a once in lifetime event so be creative to think upon best honeymoon ideas. These create memories that will last lifetime and choosing beautiful honeymoon destinations is very important. 

He wedding couple usually opts to have a high honeymoon budget while some wish to make their precious moments memorable in a limited and tight budget. 

Honeymoon Planning: Best honeymoons are planned with ease and healthy dose of relaxing mind. While planning this once in life event communication and compromise is the foremost to start of marriage, with the final goal to make your honeymoon romantic, memorable and stress free. 

  • Honeymoon Destinations: Pickup an exotic honeymoon destination if you have enough travel time and adjust to a time difference.  Some of the wonderful wedding destinations are St Marten and Bahamas, Punta Cana, Antigua, Dominican Republic, Barbados, Jamaica, etc.
  1. Punta Cana is the cheapest honeymoon destination at Caribbean which offers exotic vacations to the couple at much cheaper rates. It offers different kinds of delicious food and is located on the beach that presents you a romantic walk with your partner. 

  2. Cruise is also one of the versatile packages for the couple which let you choose various cruise lines as per your taste and choice and serves with excellent food, relaxing atmosphere and entertainment.
  • Know about your budget: Travelling plays an important role when planning your budget and airlines fares are quite expensive. If you enjoy travelling, save you mileage and try use you accumulate mile points. Also locations also play an important role to budget, choose the destination as per you budget.

  • What sort of honeymoon ideas you have? : Discuss with you partner about what is important, and what you actually want as a honeymoon experience which may be adventure, touring or relaxing. Once you gather some general idea, discuss with your travel agent who will surely suggest different option for a perfect honeymoon tour.

  • Type of resort you are looking for: Many resorts offer all inclusive options, letting to know ahead of time exactly how much you are going to spend. Some resort go one step further and include touring to excursions and catamaran sailings within a single package which may include romantic dinner on a beach, anniversary stays and much more.

  • Schedule a surprise: Surprise is a special treat during you honeymoon tour like a romantic dinner on the beach, a gift of treasured jewelry, or a sunset cruise.

  • Capture the memories: Hire a professional photographer or a videographer to capture some of your special honeymoon moments as honeymoon is a time to celebrate your new life being together. 

  • Plan your active and down time: When planning a honeymoon tour, couples look for somewhere that offers the luxury of seclusion in a romantic and beautiful setting. Another important task if to consider selecting a offer leisure activities of interest to both partners which may be like a couple


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