A list of important questionnaire to be asked from wedding photographer before booking the one 

A list of important questionnaire to be asked from wedding photographer before booking the one

Meeting and interacting personally with the photographer before wedding is most important aspect of your wedding. How can the best of photographs be ensured if the photographer you are booking is not getting that comfort by the bride. In addition, if the bride and groom have not undergone previous photo session with the photographer, it can be extremely disgusting or embarrassing for the photographer as well. Once you have narrowed down your selection to a handful of photographers, it is important for you and your partner to schedule a meeting with the photographer either in person or by video in the case of destination weddings

Never forget to ask these ten questions from your wedding photographer:-

1. The number of photographs, clicked in a year- 

If the photographer does not have exclusive experience of clicking wedding or couple photographs, he may not be the best choice for hiring as the photographer. So go for an experienced one that can really add amazing effects to your pictures.

2. What’s your photography style?

Most of the photographers you are hiring are able to provide you the modern or that contemporary kind of style, for which you are dying to be clicked for. The one with more traditional styles, may not be the right one for you.

3. Do you shoot video, film or digital? 

Some couples want both photographers and videographers, and it is always best to know what your photographer specializes in. While digital cameras have been the popular choice, many photographers also use film now as well to capture the day. Why? If you are looking for a film photographer, it is best to know how long they have been shooting with film and how many weddings they have done. Couples usually choose film when they want a more vintage or romantic feel to their photos.

4. Kind of editing done on the photos-

Generally all the photos undergo the process of photo editing. So you need to ascertain, which of your photographs are going to be edited by him. It is important to know if the photographer will edit all of your pics that are given or the ones that you order prints of.

5. In case of emergency, who will take my photos? 

This is incredibly most important question to be asked from the photographer, as the emergency can happen anytime, so there is a special need to ask that who will be there to click if the photographer runs for emergency, even in case of few minutes or hours or day. Otherwise, the photographer with a call before a day or so to say, he cannot make it. Leaving you to scramble to find someone last minute and possibly pay last minute booking fees.

6. What is included in your package? 

Each even minor detail of the package must be asked that you are paying for. Why? If you know exactly what is included in the package, from how many hours your photographer will be with you to whether or not you get photo albums, there is no room for miscommunication or disappointment.

7. Is a second shooter included in your price? 

Generally, the second shooters are included in the package and are not required to be paid extra, while some of the wedding photographers require assistant with extra fees, as they are kept to take some extraordinary photographs that are even not thought of or are amazing in their appearance and are special one. 

8. Have you taken photos at my venue before?

Why? If your photographer has never taken photos at the venue or does not know about it, there is potential for lighting issues, for example. If the photographer is willing to check out the space beforehand, that is a good sign.

9. Will you follow a shot list?

Many photographers ask in their contract with couples if there are any specific photos they would like to take on their wedding day, for example, groomsmen putting on their ties or the bridesmaids enjoying a drink with the bride.

Why? You don’t want to miss out on a photo you really wanted to have taken. If you can provide a short list of a couple of photos you really want, your photographer will be happy to help you out.

10. Will you be photographing my wedding?

It’s never sured that the photographer you are talking to would be one in the wedding. Why? Many photography companies take on a couple as a client and pair them with another photographer, so if you think you are hiring Bill and Ken shows up, you may not be getting the kind of photos you expected when you saw Bill’s work.


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