A Small List Of Must Haves In An Indian Grooms Wedding Dress 

A Small List Of Must Haves In An Indian Grooms Wedding Dress

The concentration in an Indian wedding is mostly on the bride. What she wears and how she looks is what everyone mostly cares for. However, even the groom does manage to get a little attention on this big day of his and therefore, it is very important that the groom too chooses his Indian wedding dress for the wedding ceremony with a lot of care. The list of essential items, in a groom wedding dress list, is very minimal, especially when compared to the list of the bride. There are mostly five basic items which every groom needs to arrange for carefully, in order to dress up perfectly for the occasion.

Groom Wedding Dress


Groom Safa

If we start from the top, the first item of the wedding apparel meant for the groom, and which is also compulsory as per the Indian culture, is the safa. Safa is also known as the wedding turban and is basically a long piece of cloth which is skilfully wound tightly around the head of the groom. The colour, fabric and style of tying this safa vary from region to region in India. In current times, pre-tied safas are present in the market which can be worn and taken off much more easily than the hand tied safas. 



The safas are generally adorned with a sarpech. Sarpech is Mughal jewellery, which resembles a peacock feather and has precious metals in the center and may also have chains originating from it and extending around the turban, giving it a rich and regal look. The designs and styles of these Sarpech have changed over time and they can now be found in many different shapes, sizes, styles and different precious stones. 


Trendy Accessories

Groom Wedding Sehra

There was a time, when it was believed that the Indian groom wedding dress should not see his brides face before the wedding or else it would be bad luck. Therefore, in order to block the view of the groom and prevent him from seeing the face of his Indian bride, a small curtain made out of flowers or beads is attached to the turban and it falls all over his face making it impossible for him to even catch a glimpse of his bride. Most of the modern grooms have given up on this tradition and do not wear the sehra at all. 


Designer Wedding Sherwani for Men

Indian Wedding Sherwani

The sherwani is the traditional dress for all Indian grooms. This long sleeved, dress-like top which is worn over a tight pajama comes with some really intricate and delicate embroidery done. Although sherwanis today are available in many bold colours and prints, a pastel sherwani with gold or zari embroidery continues to be the best looking wedding sherwani designs


Wedding Accessories


The traditional Indian footwear that is worn by the groom along with their sherwanis is called the mojaris. They are made of leather, are flat at the bottom and their toes are curled up. These shoes are one of the most important wedding accessories for the groom, as the groom can go to his wedding without a sehra, but cannot go there without wearing any footwear.


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