A Sparkling New Look For Your Eyelashes on the D-Day 

A Sparkling New Look For Your Eyelashes on the D-Day

The sparkling beautiful eyes of the bride accentuate her charm. The eyes which are framed long eyelashes tell a lot about brides feelings on her wedding day. The eyelashes are like a frame to one’s eyes. One can enhance the beauty of eyelashes by using some home ingredients, if you do not have the naturally thick lashes. 

The home remedies that can be tried for the beauty of the eyelashes naturally are here:

  1. Doing Eyelid Massage:
    A gentle massage would improve blood circulation stimulating the growth of lashes. Hence, massaging eyelids lightly with clean hands daily for improving the thickness of your lashes will help.

  2. Using Eye Lotion:
    The lotion made by mixing one tablespoon each of oil extracts of pot marigold flower and cornflower can be applied to eyelashes for the enhancement of thickness.

  3. Using Oil Serum:
    Oil serum can be created by a mixture of almond oil, coconut oil and olive oil taken in same quantity. Then apply it on the eye lashes by the mascara brush.

  4. Using the Egg Yolk:
    A pack made by taking  the egg yolk  and adding one tablespoon of  almond oil can be applied  on eye lashes with a cotton swab. It can be left for an hour and then washed off by cold water. It can be used the three times a week.

  5. Using the Castor Oil:
    Castor oil contains the vitamin E which nourishes the hair. For letting your eyelashes grow thicker, applying some drops of castor oil before you go to sleep every night will help. 

  6. Using the Petroleum Jelly:
    One can massage petroleum jelly on the eyelids and lashes for about two to three minutes every night for getting the thicker lashes. This jelly makes your eyelashes thick by reducing the formation of dry flakes on the eyelids.

  7. Using the Shea Butter:
    Shea can be massaged on the lashes which provide the enrichment to the hair follicles and makes the lashes stronger and thicker. 

  8. Using Coconut Milk:
    The protein rich coconut milk promotes the growth of the eyelashes. For this two cotton balls dipped in cold coconut milk can be placed on eyes for ten minutes and then washed off with cold water.

  9. Using Green Tea:
    One can apply unsweetened cool green tea on the eye lashes with a cotton swab. and wash it off with normal water after the few minutes. It would help in to regrow your eyelashes.

Using the Falls Eyelashes:

One can choose shorter lashes which fit snugly on the length of one’s natural lash line. For custom fitting them to your eye, it can be cut with the scissors which would make for an easier application.  You can choose the individual ones, in case you aren’t confident to apply the full lashes.

Using Eyelash extensions:

Another way of boosting the flirt factor is the eye lash extensions. Specially formulated glue is used by good eyelash technician for attaching individual silk lashes on your eye lashes lasting up to eight weeks. 

Above are some free tips on bridal eyelashes for helping would be brides.


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