A Thorough analysis of marriage lines in palmistry 

A Thorough analysis of marriage lines in palmistry

Now days, it has become a very common phenomenon to get worry about the wedding and not merely this, the age of wedding as well as the length or duration of the same is also a matter of analysis. Actually, in the faster pace of technical era, where the life is getting tougher, and the tendency to remain pressurized or compromised has obsolete, or are the talks of by gone –era. It simply states that the life spending by the couples have a serious issue now days, where the women empowerment and women employment has further reinforced the many relevant issues. What can be done to solve this graving problem?  The answer not only now, but since time immemorial, lies in the Astrology, by the way of analyzing the palmistry lines. A deep analysis of the subject further reveals that the length of lines, forks, islands, chains, etc reveal a lot about your married life. Not only will we guide you through correct studying of your palm lines, we will also offer your insight on your queries related to marriage and love life.

Fact 1

To begin , Those fine lines which you may see in between the base of little finger and heart line, represent relationships in your marital  life and would reveal much more about the tuning of your marriage life.

Fact 2

Further, The one which is deeper and darkest of all is your marriage line,  If it is right in the middle of the base of little finger and your heart line, then it means the person will get married in his/her 25th year or around the age of 25.

Fact 3

Moreover, If the deeper and darker line is nearer to heart line, then it means an early marriage. If it is farther from heart line and closer to the base of your little finger, it means late marriage.

Fact 4

In addition to this, Presence of multiples fine lines, maybe around four or five doesn’t mean that you will be married that many times. So, relax! And don’t worry about this, as it relates to some problems or some unforeseen issues in your wedding decisions.

Fact 5 

The next pertinent factor, determining the wedding status is- If there are two deep-dark lines, one is long and the other one is short. Then the long one represents your marriage, and short one usually means a broken relationship in the marriage life.

Fact 6

The major factor revealing the bigamy is that the presence of parallel deep-dark lines, then you may get married more than once.

Fact 7

Henceforth, if In case your marriage line is near to the base of your little finger, but you somehow managed to get married early, then be cautious of troubled marriage or even worse broken marriage. So be cautious or careful about this. Otherwise the marriage may break abruptly.

Fact 8

Apart from regular marriage predictions, these marriage lines also reveal a lot about spouse’s health and outlook. That how would be the health of your spouse, in addition to the personality and the outer looks.

Fact 9

Generally, the marriage lines have a standard length. But, If your marriage line is longer or shorter than the other fine lines, it means you will be having an inter-caste marriage.

Fact 10

The another major factor, determining the health issues can be seen by watching the end of your marriage lines. If the end of your marriage line splits apart, with branches facing away from each other, then it means your spouse may suffer through ill-health.

Fact 11

And If your marriage line is cracked into two parts, it means your marriage may suffer through an anguish separation for some time; it doesn’t mean ever-lasting end to your marriage, just a temporary separation.

Fact 12

If your marriage line begins from the mount of mercury, heads upwards crossing fate line and life line, it indicates marriage to wicked or characterless person.

Fact 13

Black dot, blemish or deep cross over your marriage line is a sign of bad luck to your marriage, scandalous journey, even a divorce!

Fact 14

Absence of marriage line or upward bending of it till it touches the base of little finger, indicates lifelong singlehood. There is more probability of remaining the single throughout the entire life. It has been actually proved scientifically, so some strong solutions must be sorted out for this unforeseen problem.

Fact 15

An interesting feature of the lines lies in the fact that the number of lines is also the determining factor. In case if you have more than four lines between the base of little finger and heart line, it means the person has a romantic character and is prone to many love affairs.

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