A-Z of Getting Your Parents Involved In Your Wedding 

A-Z of Getting Your Parents Involved In Your Wedding

There is a huge generation gap between the parents and children these days, it is impossible to find topics of discussion where you and your parents agree on the same things, therefore, when doing a wedding planning, involving your parents may like the perfect recipe for disaster. There would hardly be anything that you both would agree, on, there would be constant arguments and a lot of confusion would pursue. Does this mean that parents should be kept away from all planning of the various wedding ceremonies? No, that would not be fair. The wedding day is just as special for the parents as it is for the bride and the groom. Therefore, it is important that the marrying couple finds sensitive and creative ways of involving the parents in the wedding preparations and yet ensuring that there are no conflicts and confusions that happen at the wedding. 

Use Their Creative Skills

If your parents are highly creative in nature, then you can make use of this talent of theirs by involving them in the following activities:

-Selection and customization of the wedding invitation.

-Designing of the favors and thank you cards. 

-Making of the escort displays and other displays listing out the schedule of the various wedding functions. 

-They can be asked to write a special song or poetry about the bride and the groom, which can be read out during some ceremony, thus making the wedding more personal and emotional.

- They can also be made in-charge of overseeing the decorations at the wedding venue. 

Financial Help

This does not mean that you ask them to provide the finances for your wedding for you, but if the parents have a nice business mind, they can be asked to handle the negotiations with the various vendors involved in the wedding so that the best deals can be arranged for and the whole wedding can be organized in the most economical manner. No wedding planner would be able to help you in this regard. 

Use Their Taste Buds to Serve Best Food At Your Wedding

Some people have the talent of distinguishing between good and bad food instantly. If your parents also belong to this category of foodies, then you ought to invite them to the tasting sessions organized with the caterers for the wedding. The responsibility of setting the menu and ensuring that only good dishes reach the various wedding functions can be left to the parents. 

Handling the Guests

During a wedding, besides the close friends of the bride and the groom, a lot of distant relatives are also invited. Most of the times, the bride and the groom had not even met these relatives in years and therefore, are not able to attend to them properly. Besides, the bride and the groom do not have the time to attend to each and every guest personally, but this personal attention is what every guest expects when coming to a wedding. This task of socializing with every guest at the wedding can be deputed to the parents.


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