Absolutely Gorgeous Rain - Themed Wedding 

Absolutely Gorgeous Rain - Themed Wedding

Rainy season, adding the charm to the photography, lead similarly to the major wedding chaos. The decoration gets destroyed. The guests start either skipping off or return back, without relishing the major wedding events. The food in cases, is properly waterproofed, and still manages to keep guests engaged or busy. Otherwise there seem special considerations before it is anticipated for the rain-

Make wedding celebration in such a way that the rain seems a part of the wedding. Infect, incorporate rain in to the wedding theme. Each and every aspect of the wedding must reveal that Rainy wedding celebration in the joyous way. The food can be programmed which would be lip smacking and little warm and that most palatable and tasty sweet dishes would sound superb. The decoration should scream into the monsoon wedding. The heavy water blocking or the drizzling, all should be the part of the rain themed wedding so that the wedding guests can enjoy the rain. The wedding favors are also changed to the rainy weather type.  

Staying positive would keep you boosted to relish each and every moment of the same. It would not be an exaggeration if we tend to realize the actual importance of the rain, which triggers the pretty and all kinda emotions, the way it stimulates the beauty of the nuptial.

This is very important! Instead of feeling upset of getting bogged down about this, buck up and take some measures instead!

Incorporate rain cards or umbrella motifs into the invites- this would strongly convey the message of getting prepared physically as well as mentally while coming to the wedding and keep their umbrellas with them.

Special considerations for the makeup and beauty- it goes without saying, to go for the waterproof make up. Make sure you have generous amount of the hair spray to avoid losing the glorious appearance and to avoid it from getting frizzy.

Wear a light lehenga, dear bride-    

Your decision of wearing the light would make you feel pride and comfortable. Trust us, it would be leading to the more appealing appearance.

Must have someone to escort guests in and out-

Arranging the valet party is the best option. Otherwise, engage heavy lots of the friends or the people to assist the incoming guests with the umbrella, so that their finest dresses don’t get ruined. 

Must set a buffer time

Even if you very positively and well prepared for the rainy season wedding, most of the guests arrive extremely late. The only hitch in the plan. So to avoid this kind of the situation, a buffered time can be settled which can positively start the program late, which would render the guests becoming the part f the celebration even on arriving late. You must not be late, dear bride or the groom.

Change the menu entirely- 

In case of the rainy wedding, switch cold drinks for the tea or the coffee or the hot chocolate. Ice cream can be replaced with that sweet delicious halwa. The pakodas and magi can be served in addition to the popcorns or the butta as part of the welcoming snacks.

Loud up the melody- 

The romantic and the traditional songs, in the rainy weather lead to the freshness and romantic moods. Keep romance on the hike and really enjoy the way it rains and the wedding couple dance to make it more welcoming and beautiful.

Add it to the guest room hampers!

Consider adding a small umbrella and foldable raincoat and some flip flops into the hamper as well, which the guests can use at the venue (especially if it is a destination wedding!) and then carry back later! You could also add some hand sanitizer and a small bottle of cough syrup as well!

Equip the bathrooms with hair dryers and the extra towels-

The wedding arrangement for the rainy wedding would lead to the secured and enjoyful overall celebration. Still, the guests must have the support of the hair dryers as well as extra towels in case they get wet.

Don’t forget to incorporate rain into your photographs- 

Your photographers are expert in catching the fabulous shots in stunning rain. Catch some shots under the rain. Don’t yell or feel bad about sacrificing your outfit in that case.


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