Accommodation for Your Wedding Guests 

Accommodation for Your Wedding Guests

It is the responsibility of the host of the wedding to take care of the friends and family members who have been invited to the wedding. If these friends and family member belong to the same city, where the wedding is taking place, then you do not have to make arrangements for their accommodation. However, if these guests are coming in from another town, then it becomes the responsibility of the host of the wedding to make proper arrangements for the stay of these guests. 

The cost of accommodation of these wedding guests is generally a major wedding expense and therefore, it is important that proper planning should be done for the same. You need to find good hotels were all the needs and conveniences of the guests would be met, and at the same time, you also need to make sure that the cost of these hotels does not exceed your budget.   

Below are a few points which one must bear in mind when they start to look for a good accommodation facility for the guests:

Number Of Rooms Required

The first thing that one needs to figure out before he or she sets out to look for hotels to block for the wedding, is the exact number of rooms that would be required by them. You need to be ready with your confirmed guest list, and out of this list, tick the names of the guests who would be coming from other cities, and therefore, will need accommodation. Knowing the exact requirement will help you in your negotiations with the hotel management.

Location Of The Hotel

Another important thing to consider when blocking a hotel is its proximity to the wedding venue. The guests coming in from other cities will have no mode of conveyance with them and therefore, the responsibility of helping them reach the wedding venue on time will also fall on you. Therefore, you should try to find a hotel which is close to the wedding venue. 

Services And Conveniences Offered

Check out all the services and conveniences that the hotels offer to their guests. There is a certain standard which you have to maintain during the wedding, and therefore, you need to make sure that the services of the hotel are of a level which meets your standard. You need to ensure that the total number of rooms required by you is all available in one single hotel, the hotel must have a proper breakfast and room service facilities, its rooms should be of a decent standard and other basic facilities that one expects from a hotel should be available. 

Cost Of The Hotel

This is the most important point which one has to take care of when searching for accommodation for the wedding guests. The budget, which has been worked out for this purpose, should be stuck to under all circumstances. This does not mean that you should not look into the hotels of higher standard, many times when placing bulk bookings, you are able to get such great deals that a hotel of a much higher standard also comes within your budget. Therefore, you must contact all the possible good hotels in your city and try to negotiate the best deal with them. 


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