Activities Observed During the Dhanteras 

Activities Observed During the Dhanteras

Dhantrayodashi, which is a sacred observance by the Hinduism especially in the Maharashtra and Gujarat. As the name depicts- the dhanteras can be split down into two words- Dhan- means money and teras means thirteenth day of the lunar month. Dhan Teras marks the worshipping of goddess Luxmi and other deities’ like- Deity Dhanvantri as well as Diety yama. Diety Dhanvantra is believed to be the incarnation There cannot be found a strict observance for the same, as the traditions or the rituals vary from region to region. 

Here is a general idea of what people do on Dhanteras. Hindus perform this puja with great religious fervor.

1. Shopping especially for the Dhanteras/ Diwali- this particular day is considered extremely auspicious to buy as well as to invest. During the mean time, even people complete their Diwali shopping also. The paper lanterns are lit and the earthen lamps- diyas are lit during the day- making the arrival of the Diwali. 

2. Strengthening the family bonds- if we talk about the spiritual wealth, dhanteras stands at the first position, similarly at the same time, getting together of all the family members is equally considered auspicious to strengthen the bonds of love and affection. This day shortens the distance between the children and the parents as the children visit their parent’s old home to meet them ASAP. 

3. Tulsi- leaves and water to be poured into the copper vessel-The water contained in the copper vessel, in which the tulsi leaves are immersed is given to the family members who are present in the morning and evening worship.

4. Welcoming Goddess Lakshmi- the Diwali festivals, including the dhanteras are piously worshipped by the devotees to the deity of money and wealth- Goddess Luxmi. The entire community of people, celebrating Diwali and Dhanteras enthusiastically welcomes the goddess by decorating the home interiors with the rangoli and the footprints of the Luxmi are drawn in vermilion to symbolize her arrival. The worship does not end up here. Even the songs in the worshipping are religiously devoted to the deity. Sweets and gifts are also distributed. 

5. Buying the Gold, silver and the utensils- dhanteras is considered to be the most auspicious occasion for the wealth. Thus people invest in gold, silver and buy the utensils. 

6. Lightening Earthern Diyas in the Evening- Earthern diyas are lit on Dhanteras day in the evening to banish the evil spirits.

7. Sweets- offered as parsad to the God- various sweets made by halwa, almonds, and other nuts are offered to the deity and are taken as the parsaad. 

8. Dhanvantari Jayanti celebration- Deity Vishnu’s 24th incarnation is worshipped and has the same four hand like as Deity Vishnu- thus carrying the sudharshan chakra, jalouka, conch and pot of nector- Amrit. Deity Dhanvantri is known as founder of the Ayurveda. The Ayurveda doctors worship Deity Dhanvantri during the day as it is considered that Lord Dhanvantri was born during the day. The Prasad in the form of neem leaves is distributed to the devotees who bestow immortality

9. Yamadipadan The deity of death- called Diety yama has been assigned the work of taking one’s life at the destined time. To prevent the untimely death, follow this procedure during the evening. Take 13 lamps made up of wheat flour and are lit and are placed outside the home with its flame facing southwards. 


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