Add Some Old Fashioned Romance to Your Big Day 

Add Some Old Fashioned Romance to Your Big Day

If you want to add touch of romance on your special day then why not choose some old fashioned romance on your big day, by clearing all the vibrant and bold pinks and heart shaped wedding decors. Old fashioned romance on your big day makes the event more romantic and truly extra special on your marriage. Wedding favours are beautiful styles of thanks giving favours for your guests. So why not change it in to some quirky and interesting ideas than the regular ones – delicious honey pots of love with personalised names of both bride and the groom. And some old fashioned popcorn bags also look romantic. Nothing is more romantic than flickering light from candles. Arrange some bird cages with the tea light candles on the table to make your day more romantic and set the warm love with the glowing ambiance of your big day beautifully.

Quirky styles of old fashioned themes

  • Add some vintage style tea candles on some tables to get perfect romantic old fashioned look 

  • Add some extra old fashioned romance by hanging some buntings from ceiling which are filled with some soft pinks and delicate green colours along with some floral which gives perfect old fashioned romantic look for your wedding day

  • Old fashioned romance is the unique style and great way to giving your wedding beautiful photographs and make your guests remember your wedding for lifetime

  • Add yester year items to the big day and put up antiques in the venue for the rustic look and vintage feel

Planning for the true vintage feeling wedding

Planning for the real old fashioned wedding is required by the couple. Some iconic ways of setting up the marriage arrangements are –

  • Setting up vintage styled pictures from classic movies and framing them on the stage or the reception table is a special one. The man and woman donning roles from classic romantic movies and posing in such ones.

  • Invitation cards in traditional typeset format or tea stained papers or telegram styled letters

  • Plan for old styled food menu and choice of liquor or wine. Choose from classic wine labels to get sync the vintage styled décor

Rustic styled beach wedding

Beach weddings can be fun and filled with surprises for the guests. Some popular ideas for the beach weddings with flair of old style are –

  • Adorn each chair with a burlap and tie a star fish at the centre of the back side

  • Add some vintage beads or buttons on the centre of the starfish design for some extra sparkle

  • Prepare the couple’s names with beads, shells and corals and gift them as a surprise which can be cherished and remembered for a life time

  • Let the couple hold hands and walk down the beach aisle towards the stage and some live music is played in the background

Vintage styles vineyard weddings

Another niche choice is vineyard weddings with a rustic or vintage flavour. The woman shall hold a vintage-inspired bouquet of peaches, pinks and greens with thin wooden branches with a burlap wrapped around. Handheld fans can be offered to the wedding guests with the bride and groom’s names inscribed on the fans as wedding favours.


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