Add Style Quotient to Your Wedding by using Spectacular Wedding Decoration Trends 

Add Style Quotient to Your Wedding by using Spectacular Wedding Decoration Trends

Everyone wants their wedding to be special and memorable. Wedding decoration plays an important role when it comes to making your special moment really special. Wedding decorators with their creativity and innovations keep coming up with unique wedding decoration ideas to give you your dream wedding. They try to incorporate latest wedding decoration ideas because they are well aware of the ongoing decoration trends. Given below are some Indian wedding decoration ideas which are the latest trends of 2017-


Going Green

Wedding Decoration Ideas

Going for the green decor is the latest trend whether it involves mandaps made of twigs or simple arrangements of branches, flowers, leaves or palms. Greenery can be incorporated in everything from mandaps, entrance decor, centerpieces, to arch’s. It is cost effective and an excellent idea for a minimalist wedding.


Unique and Unconventional Centerpieces

Wedding Table Centre Pieces Ideas

Wedding table centre pieces ideas vary from beautiful and nature friendly flower arrangements to using twigs, beautiful candles and candleholders, to even using fruits,  to really quirky ideas of using kettles and theme related objects as pots, all these adds a class to the wedding decor.


Non-Traditional Mandaps

Mandap Decoration

Mandaps are an important part of Hindu wedding decorations. A nicely put up mandap Decoration can add that wow factor to your wedding decor. Mandaps made of twigs and branches along with flowers are very in these days. Mandaps made of floral chandeliers and strings of mogra and roses will give traditional yet elegant look. Tassels are also replacing floral decorations when it comes to mandaps.


Offbeat decor themes

Vintage Wedding Decoration

Offbeat decor wedding themes are the latest thing which gives an interesting look to the wedding. It can be industrial chic decor theme, vintage theme, pop art theme or even a theme inspired from some T.V show. It really makes your wedding outstanding.


Floor seating

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Floor seating is perfect for intimate affairs with just close friends and family like backyard engagement party, mehndi or brunches. It gives a comfortable and laid back feel. One long low table or many small ones can be used along with throw pillows and foam mattresses to create a floor seating arrangements. Beautiful centerpieces will add on to the look.


DIY Decor

Latest Wedding Decoration

It not only saves money but gives uniqueness to your wedding decorations. Using paper fans, pinwheels, lanterns, origami decor, pompoms and even latkans and gota can be used to make bright, colorful and beautiful wedding decorations.


Printed Dance and Aisle Floors

Indian Wedding Decoration Ideas

Printed aisle floor and dance floor is the new coolest trend. It gives a happy vibe, can be color coordinated with the theme, it is cheap and can be customized with monograms too as per your choice.


Display of Relationship timelines or your Wedding Vows

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Whether the wedding is an ‘arranged’ or a ‘love ’marriage each one has a story. Displaying your relationship timelines on pin boards, chalkboards, a wall display of pictures of your milestones and important trips together can be incorporated in your decoration and it is very in. Even your written wedding vows can be used as a backdrop to give that warm personal touch.

These latest wedding decoration ideas will definitely help you in making your wedding memorable. You should hire an experienced wedding decorator who can give you practical and on trend advice for your special day.


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